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What's a good present for a 17 year old teenager?

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I know i am a teenager but my bday is coming up and i just dont know what i want for gifts. my family hates it when i can't tell them. i think about them at the only times where i dont have a pencil or pen and then i forget them. i Know that since it's going to be my golden bday i am going to go paint balling with all my friends around my birthday for a friend type of party. i can't even imagine my grandmother playing paintball maybe she would be like one of those action grannies you see in the movies. lol i just cant stop laughing thinking about it, but back to the issue at hand. i only have the complete american pie collection, the movie Fast Five, and a moped rather than a car as gift ideas. A moped because of the price range is so much realistic than a cars price range since my parents aren't really considered rich by any means and also because i haven't had the best of bdays for the past two years with my d0uche of a ex father taking my car away after i didn't want to be at his house cause he's a drunk, being all alone on my 15th bday and then getting scratched by a cat for no reason. i need to think ahead to make sure this one is awesome paintball guns friends and no cats or at least i can ward them off with my opaintball gun. lol jk but seriously no cats their mean to me.