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Could somebody help my find some good skate shoes?

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Hey guys! I need some help, like BIG TIME. I need to buy me some good skating shoes. But I am very specific. They have to be purple - Not entirely, but perferably MOSTLY purple. Not light lavendery purple, a darker, deep purple.They HAVE to be hi or mid-tops - perferable hi tops. NO LOW TOPS. They must have good grips for a board, too(of course). And finally... ...the hardest past... THEY HAVE TO BE CHEAP!! Now your definition of cheap and mine may be different, but I'm online finding shoes that fit my discription perfectly, but they cost 100+ dollars. So if you think it might be pricey, but its not that outragous and its worth lookin it, show me anyway. Pictures and links please! Also it must come in size nines! Ive got baby feet>.<


-Pic just to give you a vague idea