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What can I buy my dad for Christmas?

Right, so i have like no idea what to buy my dad for Christmas, any suggestions?


What should I get my sissy for christmas?

Ok so my older sister and I are super close but I have no idea what to get her for christmas. We always say that we love each other to the moon and back--thats like our saying :) but I dont have a clue what to get her. I kinda want it to be homemade be...

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What do you get a girl turning 16?

My daughter is turning 16 next month and I dont
Know what to get her. Shes not into jewlery or anything girly and im on a $50 limit. Do you have any idea please help!!!

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Do boys like flowers?

would my boy feel gay or lame if I gave him a bunch of flowers for a surprise ?

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Where do I buy the dresses celebrities where on the red carpet?

I have a prom coming up and I want an amazing dress. I dont care about the price. I have gone to blooming dales, saks, everywhere but their all just tacky bcbg! And I dont have time to go to all the individual disigner stores! Where do the celebreities...


What should I get my best friend for her bridal shower?

What are some good gifts to get my best friend for a bridal shower gift? I'm terrible at buying gifts and need some help.

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Can you use someone else's Sam's Club card without them being present?

My aunt let us use hers but her and my mom look a like. but im wondering if i can go in and buy something without there being a problem


Extra High Converses/Chucks?

I want the really high converses that go about mid-shin.
where can I get them?
what colors do they come in?


Which Vongola Ring should I buy for myself?

It's a ring to describe my personality. I am not sure which one fits me best...
Sky Ring - Has a blue gem to represent the entire sky. Its attribute is harmony, an equal balance of all things.
Storm Ring - Represents the storm that will destroy anyth...


What should I get my "rich" boyfriend for xmas :( ?

What should I get my boyfriend for xmas. he already has everything. but knowing him he'll get me somthing and I don't want to not get him anything. he says all he wants is to be with me. but still.. and im on a limited budget witch makes it worse. hes ...


Selena Gomez

hi my name iz ayreona rainey and I want 2 buy the selena gomez outfits im also 13 years old how do I get them pleaze answer this


What can I get my best friend for her birthday when I'm broke?

It is my best friends birthday and I want to get her something or do smething! I am completely broke - down to the last few ten cent pieces, what should I get her. I will have twenty dollars next week I could wait til then, but even then... what for 20...


Where can I buy a skateboard in India?

hey and people from india...I really want to get a skateboard soon and m looking to buy one from india because I broke my last one...please can someone tell me where can I get one from...any online site in india where I can get one???please let me know...


Stores where they sell pretty affordable heels?

So I love shoes! You know heels, flats, stilletos, ect. Well im tired of going to the same places so is there any stores where they sell pretty affordable heels?


Where to buy an iPhone in Michigan?

I am looking to buy a new 4gb iphone at a store, not online
please I need help, I want to save a $100
please tell me any store that still has one, just one, preferably in michigan, detroit area


What age should I be to get the victoria secret catalog&gift cards?

I love victorias secret but waht age must I be to get catalogs and gift cards?


What is a good christmas prezzie 4 boyfriend? (guys)?

I was thinking of gettin him aftershave or a hoodie or a top but which 1 is betta and plus wa aftershaves are nice that arnet 2 expensive? Thankss x

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Where can I get one of those fake strap on pregnant stomach things?

i was wondering because im going to get a small one and wear it to school, then get a bigger one and so on just to see if people will talk bout me and i want to see if teachers will treat me any differently or talk about me to eachother, and basically ...


Old clothes

Do you wear your old clothes from years before to school or do you buy all new clothes ?


Stores for cute swimsuits

what are some stores that I could find cute swimsuits?
besides AE, A&F, HCO,VS, and Target?


Do you think the shopping site BMA Modified is a scam?

These plugs are exactly what I'm looking for & their at an AMAZING price, I just dunno if it's too good to be true.


How to spot a fake chanel handbag?

How to spot a fake chanel handbag?


Recommendations for a phone?

What phone have you got? I don't want to spend too much either.


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