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Where can I buy clothes like Selena Gomez wears?

My little sister is 11 and she loves the clothes that selena gomez wears on the Wizards Of Waverley Place (im not sure if I said the name right) where do you think I can get clothes like that for her?


What is a great gift to get my boyfriend Valentines Day?

What's a great present or presents to get my boyfriend for Valentines Day? He says the best present he's gotten for Valentines Day was a watch, I really wanna out do that so I need some ideas. O and this is our first Valentines Day together...

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What do I do if my package is sent to the wrong address?

Ok so i ordered a package on ebay and it appears that it was sent to an old adress.. what should i do


Really cute dresses?

I want to find a really cute dress for this dance me and my friends are going to soon. It needs to be appropriate.

I have no idea what I'm looking for though.
I don't want it long. But I don't want it too short.
I don't want any sequins or ruffles or ...


What 2 get my boyfriend fo valentine's day??

I have no clue what 2 get my boyfriend fo valentine's day hes 18 years old he dsnt like chocolate tho because I was going 2 make him peanutbutter filled chocolates till I found out that he don't like chocolate lol I mite get him sum axe mayb but I don'...

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Charm Schools, Brittany Starr?

From Charm School 2, Brittany Starr had a pair of Pink Headphones. Does anyone know where I can buy these or find them at?


What age must a person be to buy extenze at a store?

What age must you be?will they tell you anything if you try to buy extenze at a store if you are under 18?


What do you give a person who has everything?

For christmas...I can never seem to impress him because he has a little bit of everything: clothes, cars, jewlery, cologne ,tools, electronic gadgets, and so on...


What should I do for my husband for Valentine's Day?

what should I do for my husband for valentine's day? something cheap but meaningful. does anyone know of any good craft sites I could go to and get ideas?


What is the color of mushroom?

What is the color of mushroom? I have capris that color and sometime they have a green tint and sometimes I look at them and they look brown.


What can I buy my teenage boyfriend for Christmas?

I have been with Josh for not very long, and he is 17. I love him, and I really want to make him happy with a great gift. I was going to get him AC/DC tickets, but he got them as soon as I found them online. Then, He got the CD of Bullet for My Valenti...


What do I get my boyfriend who loves the outdoors for christmas?

I have been going out with my boyfriend for a year on Jan. 6th and for Christmas I have no idea what to get him. Hes not into sports, not into video games, he has like every cd that he likes, and doesn't wear jewelery of any sort. Oh and hes 16 and Im ...


how much does an 16 gig iphone 3g s cost

how much does an 16 gig iphone 3g s cost with out a contract


How old do you have to be to buy things from Spencers?

How old do you have to be to buy intimates from Spencers? Such as lingerie, toys?

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What to get him for Christmas!?

Guys out there! I need your help!
My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. He likes sports and working out. I really want to get him something special for Christmas to show him how much I care about him. He is impossible to shop for, he doe...


Where can I find great Chinese journals and stationary?

It can be an online store anywhere on the web or a store near the chicagoland area, downtown, chicago ridge, tinley park, orland park, etc. Accessories meaning chinese stationary and inspirational things like books/bookmarks and lots more please! =) Th...


Who knows if they sell pregnancy tests at gas stations?

like at a diamond shamrock or so..


What to I get my boyfriend for his 18th birthday?

what can I get my boyfriend for his birthday that is under $100

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cristmas preasent

ok I bought my g/f a $140 cristmas present from J.B.R. but I keep telling her that I dont think I can buy her one because I dont have a lot of money. she says its ok and all that she realy wants is to see me. I was wondering if I should tell her about ...


What does ASST SIZES mean?

I'm trying to buy some shirts from spencersonline but WTF they wouldn't let me choose a size like the usual websites I go to and in its place its "asst sizes" what does that mean? Help.

Thanks love.


Where can I get glow in the dark shoelaces?

My daughter is crazy about the song sneaker night and loves the shoes. But their way to expensive and I cant afford them, so I just want to get her the glow in the dark shoelaces (thats not the only thing im getting her, im not cheap) so where can I ...


Do you have to be a certain age to buy condoms?

Do you have to be a certain age to buy condoms? I'm just curious.

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What should I ask for for christmas , 17 yr old girl?

I am 17 . My mom is asking what I want for Christmas but I cant think of any thing else to ask for . I asked for a GPS, and perfume. I have no clue what I want . help ?


Where i can buy clothes for working as a painter ?

Where i can buy pants for working painting or in other jobs where you get dirty i dont wanna use my clothes and i run out of uniforms. Any idea tell me please thank you.


I don't know what to ask for my birthday!

My birthday is this sunday annd I don't know what I want!
I wanted an iPhone but since I don't live in the US its pretty expensive here-about a thousand dollars. My parents wont buy it for me if it's that much money :(
So now they're asking what I wa...


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