How can a human destroy a demon, aka fallen evil angel?

That’s takes disguise as a human entity and try’s to fools people’s perception.

Answer #1

Summon a unicorn. Demons are panically afraid of unicorns.

Answer #2

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Answer #3

Not aware of a way to destroy but you can caertainly choose not to allow evil influences in your life…that and prayer

Answer #4

Call Sam and Dean Winchester!

they will know what to do

Answer #5

well this is very complicated so ill go step by step, my brother is studying this in colledge: Step 1: eat a banana from the tree of wonder in hawaii Staep 2: put hte banana skin under the magical bench in centrel park and wait for a man wearing a pink knitted jumper and say monkeys are awesome (thats the secret code) step 3: follow the man back to his hous, remeber the address and go to the bush of amazment in cork in ireland and pick a blackberry Step 4: when ypu get a blackberry from the tree of wonder get aleaf aswell and put that i an envelope to the address you rememberd and write ‘meet me at the tree of wonder on this day next month’ Step 5: when you meet him there he will have the only person who ever killed a human and he will tell you how and when to do it

I hope I helped :) M y brothers an expert, good luck

Answer #6

I was going to say you should call the Ghost Busters, but this will do nicely…

Answer #7

I can tell you the Islamic way. We believe that Satan(Iblis) did not want to bow to Adam(a.s) therefore disobeying Allah(Subhana Wa Tala). Satan was given time till the day of judgment to “play” on earth and that of which we don’t see. Satan disobeyed Allah because he’s a Jinn. A Jinn can choose from good and bad, like humans. An Angel is created for the purpose of serving Allah with no disobedience whatsoever. Therefore Jinns can be good or bad. Satan is a Jinn, not an angel, that would be impossible since they cannot disobey. You are allowed to kill the Jinn after asking it to leave the body 3 times. Will it not leave after that, you may kill it with the will of Allah(Subhana Wa Tala).

Answer #8

Ask for your guardian angels to assist you and ask god for help, reading from the bible when you feel as though one is near will also help. I speak from experience

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