What does pagan mean?

I have always thought It means god/goddess In latin... or something beautiful?
but someone on Facebook just called my friend a pagan, and she Is saying it means 'snitch' :L

So, now I'm confused.

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lol it means sumone who believes in more than one god hope tht helped :) like b4 christianity in europe they were pagans. Today though usually when sumone calls sumone that its ment in a negative way >.< hope that helped :)

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I thought It was someone who worshiped nature and stuff?

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well alotta times thts how they worship there gods cuz most of there many gods are nature based

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Being pagan doesn't necessarily mean they believe in more than one god or the absence of. It is more about their interpretation of nature and its creation. The term Pagan originated from Christianity recognizing these "others" as non-christians.

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It originally meant anyone not christian, now it mostly refers to those that have a nature based belief system. Mostly.
It is an umbrella term. There are many different types of pagans.

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It was derived from christianity originally referring to those who weren't of their faith. In modern times the word usually refers to those of pantheistic faiths, like wica, orisha, etc.

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