Are we living in what the Bible calls the "last days"?

Do you think that our times are unique and that we are heading towards Armageddon? Why?

Answer #1

No. The bible is BS.

Answer #2

Nope. We are not heading towards any ‘Armageddon’. At least not for a few more million or billion years.


Answer #3

Our times are definitely unique. We know more now about the world than we did even a hundred years ago. Information travels around the world in the time it takes to blink. Science and medicine have never been more advanced than today, which means that people now live longer than ever.

We are definitely not heading towards the apocalypse. The world is going to continue to exist for another few billion years. There’s no need to worry about it.

Answer #4

I never thought the world would end in 2,000 or any prediction since. “No one knows the day or the hour” but the last one hundred years have been filled with turmoil like no one has ever seen.

Answer #5

in the context of history- the turmoil in our times is but a drop in the bucket. go back centuries and look at the roman conquests- enslaving every village- raping and pillaging and turning the conquered into conscripts to rome. gladiatorial games- forced murder. how about the christian crusades against islam- the amount of killing was astronomical. ATTILA the HUN?? how about living under the threat of a VIKING raid where your village would again be burned, your women violated and again your people enslaved. not even to mention the great plagues that have swept across europe and killed millions. the list of tyrant names goes on and on- TAMERLANE, GENGHIS KHAN, THE VANDALS, THE GOTHS- and that is just in europe. here in the americas we have had THE INCAS, AZTECS, MAYANS all cultures that enslaved people and offered up extreme amounts of human sacrifice- imagine living in those days with the fear of capture looming over your every day existence . so when our ‘turmoils’ are put into the proper context it is pretty mild in comparison.

Answer #6

All that you have mentioned pales in comparison to WWI. Its scope was much larger. And WWII was much larger yet.

Answer #7

seriously?? i am not trying to be rude here but europe was conquered by the SWORD long before firearms came onto the scene- hundreds of thousands of men hacking and stabbing each other to death, the two world wars together do not even come close to the horrors of what the middle ages had to offer, so i believe that history says that the last 100 years is nothing compared to the thousands of years of warfare without firearms and modern medicine- tyrants going unchecked across continents - study history a bit more and you will come to the same conclusion. we don’t have it rough at all.

Answer #8

The two World wars resulted in between 60 and 100 million deaths and civilian casualties were equal to that or more. There is no way that you can compare wars prior to that time to these two wars. You mention people hacking each other to death with swords. They used machine guns in the world wars. You can kill a lot more people with machine guns then swords. You need to study history, not I.

Answer #9

The two World wars resulted in between 60 and 100 million deaths and civilian casualties were equal to that or more. There is no way that you can compare wars prior to that time to these two wars. You mention people hacking each other to death with swords. They used machine guns in the world wars. You can kill a lot more people with machine guns then swords. You need to study history, not I.

Answer #10

again- seriously?? the two world wars were basically REGULATED modern wars, machine guns can kill many more people true- BUT take millions of men with swords and what you end up with is a whole lot of horror and misery. tell me- what is worse- shooting someone at stand off distances,OR looking your foe in the eye at arms length and twisting a piece of steel in his guts or hacking him to death while thousands of men around you do the same thing? put down your high school text book and use your imagination. at least choose a war that was truly horrific like the civil war. the world wars also had the benefit of modern medicine- and remember, the goal in modern warfare is to wound your opponent, in the middle ages if you were wounded you were in for a lingering death , most likely amongst the corpses of all who died on the battlefield along with the stink of bowel and the stink of blood and the screams and cries of those in the same predicament- in the middle ages there were no ambulances- no medics, no one to clear the wounded off the battlefield- or to clear the dead off the killing field for that matter- you simply slowly died of your wounds or even starvation (whichever was first). 60 to 100 million deaths are but a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of death unleashed during ALL of the crusades put together, besides the warfare you also had disease doing the killing. it is a matter of history about the persian army- its sheer mass hundreds of thousands of men and animals with no government agency telling them they can’t kill prisoners- if you surrendered in the middle ages you weren’t put in an internment camp until the end of the war- you were either killed or enslaved. in the world wars it was mainly soldiers doing the fighting with some civilian casualties , in the middle ages and earlier- if you were in the path of the barbarians you were doomed to die or be enslaved whether you were a warrior or not. picture your village life and you notice herds of animals running past your village, flocks of birds filling the skies- all being driven before the sheer mass of the mongol hordes, and if you didn’t heed this omen then you would be murdered once the hordes entered your village and forced to watch your fellow villagers hacked to death and raped and hear their screams and the blood and carnage- NO RULES IN MIDDLE AGE WARFARE you were at the whim of whatever tyrant happened to be pushing for conquest, imagine even the english armies of the middle ages with their archers filling the skies with arrows and then thousands of men charging you with swords drawn- screaming at the top of their lungs as they crash into your lines with a loud crash of steel on wood and steel on steel and the screams of those being hacked to death- truly a horrific experience. SWORDS have killed far more humans than any machine gun ever has simply by the fact that they have been around for thousands of years. the point here is that nothing in our times is unique in history, the death dealt out in the last hundred years still is but a drop in the bucket compared to thousands of years of tyrants seeking to conquer europe. was there suffering during the world wars? sure there was, but having access to rations and MEDICAL CARE and also being able to withdraw from the fighting on leaves and basically VOLUNTEER to fight makes those wars pretty tame compared to the wars prior to them. a middle ages warrior had no choice but to fight there were no medics if you were wounded, if your enemy burned their crops ahead of you you could even be suffering from starvation pretty easily as well, castles were constantly put under siege and the people inside forced to cannibalize corpses and then starve to death. if you use your imagination here and visualize what it is like to fight on a middle age battle field maybe you will understand that the world wars were pretty tame by comparison.

Answer #11

not to mention the black plague and other diseases that spread across europe and the americas- living in the middle ages was truly THE WORST EVER SEEN and much more horrific than our modern times. the last hundred years STILL NO comparison to the middle ages.

Answer #12

a rephrasing here, getting pulled away from my point, a lot of civilians died in the world wars, the crusades caused less than million deaths. thousands of years of warfare far outweigh two world wars.

Answer #13

As far as disease, right after WWI, we had the Spanish Flu which was the worst epidemic to date. You are acting like the wars prior to WWI are worse because of the methods employed. I think that WWI was worse because of the number dead. In spite of the modern medicine you mention, more died from those wars. I don’t know the numbers of deaths from war prior to WWI from the total sum of war, but packed into the last 100 years there have been more deaths for that time period than any other one. There have been much more deaths from war, than just the World Wars. It isn’t fair to compare thousands of years to a time frame of 100. The concentration of deaths is far more more in the last 100 years. Plus you didn’t cite figures to prove it anyway.

Answer #14

As far as the wars involving swords being worse than guns and grenades, I disagree. The enemy captured troops and tortured them. And when you are laying on a gurney, missing a leg, who cares if it was blown off or cut off.

Answer #15

We have never had the capability of destroying the whole earth as we do now, with the threat of nuclear war and pollution. Rev. 11:18. Still theink our times are not unique? 2 Peter 3:1-5.

Answer #16

You mentioned starving, 1 out of 3 people go hungry in the world.

Answer #17

You mentioned starving, 1 out of 3 people go hungry in the world.

Answer #18

I totally think we are living in the end times. I dont know when the world will end, or whether or not Christians will be raptured before the tribulation or not, but I do think we’re in the end times. Biblical references to the end times fit how the world is today. Its scary almost, but also pretty cool to be living in the world Jesus told us would come. Its pretty awesome

Answer #19

been in the process of moving, so couldn’t back back till now. my point here is that our times are NOT UNIQUE in the greater scheme of things. ‘world ending’ events have happened time and again- ‘pompeii’ ring any bells?? was that the wrath of god?? to the citizens of pompeii it would have seemed so but we know now that it is the result of living too close to a volcano. of course there weren’t too many figures from the census bureau from the past thousands of years so i can’t quote exact figures here, i simply look at the amount of territory conquered by the romans, conquered by Napoleon, conquered by hannibal , the vikings, the japanese, the incas- etc. etc. you know that there had to be deaths in the thousands from each of theose

Answer #20

i hate the ‘hit enter to post’ thing. as far as the nuclear capability- look at the ancient hindu holy texts and look at what they describe, nuclear weapons and explosions, lasers, bombs, missiles as well as arial warfare and dog fights, there is evidence of nuclear explosions in ancient times. and for that matter we can and could be destroyed at the whim of a giant asteroid at any time - who cares if we have control over it or not- it would still be an extinction event and a world ending event- (i.e. the dinosaurs) mankind has definitely got things far easier than in the past- no modern hospitals, no convenience stores, no industries on our modern scale ( although i may argue that there were civilizations in ancient times that i suspect were our modern equivalent in south america thousands of years ago.) when i say warfare was worse in antiquity i am saying it was the TOTAL package- more horrific, more barbaric, more devastating, more up close and personal- just all around worse. our modern wars are more ‘convenient’ a bullet can kill out to hundreds of yards- not much horror there- except for the adrenaline rush and fear of being in a battle. my point is that is it worse indeed to kill with a sword than with a firearm. you do have it right to a degree - if you die what does it matter how you died- you are still dead, except when you are comparing modern warfare with ancient warfare, anciednt

Answer #21

ancient warfare is by far WORSE. so we as modern humans have things much easier than in antiquity- which shows that the world in not coming to an end- the bible is wrong because the era of the apocalypse has long since past- the time frame described in revelations has been shown to be referring to NERO and his persecution of the christians and jews- it is not referring to modern times- although if someone keeps saying someoth

Answer #22

something over and over again it will eventually be true simply because it happened by coincidence. there is no god, no second coming, no apocalypse, the world is going to continue as it has, there will be more wars, but nothing that has been foretold in a work of fiction such as the bible. OUR TIMES- NOT UNIQUE.

Answer #23

Matt. 24 was not only referring to what was in store for first-century Christians. It has a “greater fulfillment” for our day. Have you ever read the Bible completely through? There are many lesser and greater fulfillments throughout the Bible. There are even accounts where Solomon and Cyrus are referrred to and then it says “Something more than Solomon is here.” It means a greater Solomon (Jesus) and a greater Cyrus (Jesus.)

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