What does it mean to have a dream about the people closest to you dying, or a dream of yourself dying?

last night i had a dream that my boyfriend died, then my best friend. i woke up and when i went back to sleep i had a dream that i was dying.

Answer #1

Dreams are completely random and usually don’t mean anything. This doesn’t mean your family is going to die and it doesn’t mean you’re going to die. It’s probably just because you fear those 2 events happening. Don’t worry about it.

Answer #2

Welllll really….. we are all going to die at some point or another… that is certain. Usually repeat dreams about it, means you haven’t come to terms with a fear that is pronounced in your sub conscious. Fear has a way of playing those mind games on ya.

Answer #3

Well, my best friends dad says that all your dreams have meanings. Whenever i have weird dreams, i tell him and he explains them to me in full detail. If you were to tell him yours, he’d probably say that you either can’t get over a fear of someone close to you dieing, or it’s a foreshadow to the future and the dream is like preparing you(not trying to scare you), but i doubt that. I’m sure everything is fine and it’s all just fear. Most dreams are about things we fear, that’s normal.

Answer #4

A couple of times I dreamed that I was dying, but woke uo right before I died, lol.

Answer #5

Dreams involving dying are just dreams. I once dreamed of my own death. In my dream I could feel myself expanding. [Sort of like taking a deep breath, holding it while taking mouthfuls of air and forcing them into my lungs. (TRY IT. You will feel as if you are expanding. Note - I do not think anything bad can happen doing this, but when you get a sense of how it feels, stop doing it.)] In my dream this continued until I exploded, sending me in all directions - in my dream it was literally into interstellar space (this was accompanied by a sense of euphoria). I do not normally remember dreams, but this one I did. And it was about 30 years ago, so dreams of ones death do not mean you will actually die during the dream of your death. One day I WILL die, but it will NOT be caused by any dream. You and your family are not going to be affected by your dream. Take care, and Good Luck!!

Answer #6

I’ve had a number of friends who used to do dr_gs have those type of dreams….they said there was definitely a message (change) being sent in their opinion

Answer #7

dreams are like what yo rember of the day like the simplest details

Answer #8

It depends on how close you are to those people. Also the events of your day can sometimes show up in your dreams. example-you watch a murder TV show before bed, you subcontious may throw a death into your dream. If thoses dreams are freaquently occuring i would sugest making a few alterations to life style

Answer #9

Actually all dreams have meaning!!! Haha there’s people that specialize on it and my Teacher read something to us before saying that dreams are just random it could b just something we saw or were thinking about or are memorys but scary dreams is mainly our fears so in that case I feel your scared to lose them or scared to die. I’ve had the same dreams about my dad n older Sis n for both I was crying n my dream n woke up crying….

Answer #10

Sometimes it means pregnancy

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