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How can someone send me money with paypal?

My friend is trying to send me money through paypal but i dont know what to give her because i only have my debit card on there for when i buy stuff online, i am SO confused, can someone walk me through what to do? She said something about a donate but...


How much will it cost to change my first name in Washington?

I'm 16 years old and my mom said she would sign papers so I can change my first name. I was wondering how much it would cost and how I can do it.. I don't have a drivers license or permit yet so that wouldn't have to be changed..


How to send money to someone online?

How do You send money to someone Online??
I borred somthing of My mates to test it out..
to see if I'd buy it of him..
and now I want it and I live to faraway to give him cash,
How do I send money online via bank card credit card what ever you wana cal...


Which important company has relatively low-cost life insurance for young people?

Which businesses traditionally have low prices for term existence insurance for teenagers. I will be 24 and my wife is 25. We need to have 300,000 each.


Send someone a cheque dont get what brough wot do I do?

What can you do if you sent someone a cheque and its Cleared, and the'v not sent you what you brough within 3 weeks what can I do about it? is there a way of geting my money back??

What if I sent them Cash?.. and they didnt send me what I brought, c...


How do I go about putting when I can begin on my resume? or cover letter?

Or my availability or hours I can work?

I want to begin handing in resumes, however, I will not be available at all throughout all of August. Is there a way I can write it in my resume or cover letter that I can't begin until September?

I've rea...


Costs to open a financial aide office?

Just general information, like utilities, advertising, rent/mortgage, furniture, office supplies, vendings/merchandise, etc. Just stuff like that, because everytime I look it up on the internet I just get how financial aid helps with those things. Plea...


Where in england could I find some voluntary work ?

im 15 live in england and im desparate for a job I dont need paying just something to get me out of the house for the summer I will do pretty much anything I just need to know where to look if someone could help please, thank you!


Should companies incorporate stress intervention programs to help cut the cost of stress-related sick days?

Stress-related sick days have cost the economy over $50 billion dollars in lost productivity in one year. Would it be beneficial for companies to have staff/programs on hand to help people deal with on the job stress?


How to put an ad in the newspaper? Does it cost?

Okay so I want to do some babysitting as a summer job because I am really needing to pay dig money to my mum and I just finished college so I am thinking about putting an AD into the newspapers about helping babysit but what do I write?

would this b...


Where to find nightclub jobs in America?

I'm from Moldova. Want to go to the USA for work. I know it's not so easy as it seems, but I need to know from where should I start. I have a big expirience working as barmen. 4 years. Where or on what sites can I find some information about job at nig...


How old do you have to be to babysit for family in england ?

I love kids ,
I know you all think im to young but I am realy responsable and no im not trying to grow up too fast .
I realy need money at the moment so if anybody knows if it is illegal for a 12 year old girl to baby sit please answer my question.If...


Living costs

Can someone tell me how the rent system is? So I rent an apartment, and I pay in the deposit, but isn't there any Realtor fees? And what about monthly bills-water, electricity? They come separately? I know there are some apartments where the costs are ...


How does a foreigner do business with America?

i am from south america Suriname, i would like to purchase several machines from america, and some excipients, but can seem to find any of it in Miami Florida, or anywhere close to Miami

Is the a number i can call of some one i can mail ?
i have be...


Want to start over and move to America.

I really want to get away from where I live and move across the world to well anywhere in America. NYC id love to. I dont know where to start.. im currently un-emploued due to being laid off and I want to start life over again . get a job over there a...


How much money will these expenses cost monthly?

I am trying to plan my life a little bit. I was wondering if someone could help me on this question. For everyone with children, I want to have 2 kids, how much would it cost to pay for their medical exenses, clothes, to go to a private school, anythin...


How much do you think [estimatingly] would it cost me to plan a silver wedding anniversary for my parents?

I need a clear idea so I can start saving up and if I can actually do it :) Well if you dont know either but had a wedding, you can probably try and look around in your budget which you've spent around your wedding [depends if its a big one or not th...


Cost of real estate versus your salary, it's gotten way expensive

Even before the run up over the past 4 years in the US, real estate compared to the average annual salary has been skyrocketing for the past thirty years. The whole notion of the "american dream" of home ownership isn't the same - without a college deg...


Average monthly cost of living?

I'm turning 22 and my parents treat me like dirt. I just graduated from college, and I am living with them. I am kind of dependant. Once my room was unorganized a little bit and they locked me out of the room, giving me a pillow and a blanket to sleep ...


How do I get to an acting agency?

If I want to be an actress would it be best to get an angency in the u.s or in england ? im in drama college now but im thinking about moving to america to get an agency there but which is better? because I dont want to be in all the english films I wa...


What do you think of an import and export business?

When i was working in a food factory i used to carry products from south america and europe all day working with cans of food from another countries and i was thinking im doing this for the minimum wage, because the only person who really wins is the p...


How do I clear my name from this stressful situation?

what should i do to clear my name ? i have recently been getting these letters from catalogues saying that i owe them money for goods i took, it has my name on it too. mind you i have never taken anything from catalogues in my life and they keep annoyi...


My friend and the eeoc

Ok: steve decided to file a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission's (eeoc) about his ex-boss. So my question is once the eeoc receives steve's complaint what will the eeoc do? And will this complaint to the eeoc force the company t...


How can I be a actress?

How can I be a actress? Im gunna take acting classes + I've been in like some acting things. I dont have a agent + probably wont get one till im like 16. Im taking drama for gcses + people say to do school plays because sometimes agents show up there b...


About ceo and steve and work

Steve wrote this letter and mailed it today to the ceo‘s home: I think it was a good idea what do you think

Dear ceo: I am writing this letter with a little trepidation. In spite of my apprehension to send you another letter, I am very impressed wit...


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