Why do they ask what position you want in a job application?

Why they ask you what position do you want? I think this is a pointless question, because when you get the job they make you do things that are not related to the job you wanted. Most of the time you have to do 2 or more things at the same time, when they ask me this i wanna say well i would like to be the manager and win a lot of money and anyway with this economy most people are not in position to say well i want this or want to do that. The main point for everybody is to get a job and get paid for that. That is why i think that is a pointless question in the job application.

Answer #1

Because in jobs you do different things; You can be cashier, the janitor, or people that stack, it’s different in jobs, What would happen if you don’t fill it in and you get a position you dont want to work at?

Answer #2

It also shows them what you are planning for. I mean, if you write that you hope for a career and will want to advance in the company and maybe become a team leader one day, then they will know something about your mentality. If you write that you want to do exactly the job you are applying for and have no ambition about advancing to management, that is also an important information for an employer.

You should never, ever, ever, ever tell them that you are looking forward to get the job of the person who decides about whether you get hired though. ;)

Answer #3

because they want to know your vision

Answer #4

How creative are you at answering the question?

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