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Any former Special Forces here; what was your original reason for joining the military?

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Ok so here's the thing I'm joining the military,primarily the Army because I've been wanting to join since I was a little kid always thinking of being a hero and serving this country. At first I just wanted to be a Ranger and have the honor of wearing the Ranger tab but,I was told since my parents aren't from this country I have to wait two years before I could even go to Ranger school. I talked to a different recruiter (ARNG) and there they told me if I really wanted to go and be a Ranger that I should go ahead and join the Special Forces Unit that they have here in SoCal and I'd have a better chance of them considering/taking me if I went for Cav Scout.I scored decently on my ASVAB (66) even though towards the end I kind of half-assed it since I was tired from work.I'll take it again when I'm able to do it again and on a day I don't work. They also told me it'd be better for me to start as ARNG and if I liked it to go Full active Army. My question is to current and former SFs,what was your original reason for joining the military?Did you always want to be SFs? Don't tell me I won't make it,it'll just encourage me even more to prove you wrong.