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What should I do with my brother's unemployed situation?

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So my brother and I "pay" an apartment together but the apartment is on his name when he got the apartment he did not put me on the lease because I was not working at the time which at that time I did not have to pay bills because my mom was with us. She has left us for about a month now and I got a job asap and paid the bills for the past month, my brother has still found no job and is stalling he shows not true commitment into finding a job his excuse is part time is not his dream job.. so now I have to pay the coming bills for this month again all by myself it's not fair of his part. I know he is my brother and I'm suppose to have his back through all situations but I'm getting real sick of him, he is always disrespectful he treats me like crap and makes me feel uncomfortable when I have my days off with his girlfriend around getting se.xual (only one room apt) He makes me clean the house when I have my days off which I don't really mind because I love cleaning but shouldn't he be doing that? He does not give me the respect I deserve at least now that I am the one paying the bills what should I do? I feel hopeless :( His girlfriend tells me he is being that way because he has not found a job and he is stressing that he as the older brother can not provide and his pride is down I understand but I am stressing too. I have these new responsibilities my mom left me I am coping with that pain and now my brother is stressing me out.. what should I do?