Why do we need to budget?

Answer #1

So that we don’t spend more than we have. Budgeting just means being acutely aware of income and expenses, and not spending most of your paycheck on frivolous items that will leave you short when important bills need to be paid.

Answer #2

People budget to make sure that they do not run out of money to use. Most people these days are experiencing financial troubles because they are spending more than what they have and one way to effectively avoid these troubles is to budget. Budgeting is not about scrimping or compromising, it is just the act of being aware of your expenses, learning how to save for the things that you want and having the discipline to set aside money to be put in your savings account. Budgeting needs discipline and it is important that people learn it early on so that they eventually make a habit out of it. Tracking your expenses is the key in successful budgeting; thus, make sure that aside from this, you also learn the importance of checking credit scores. For more reasons why budgeting needs to be learned early, visit

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