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How can I get rehired at walmart if im not eligable?

So apperently Wal-mart gave me a warning once for accidently going over on a break...Then the next time it happened they fired me. and because of this I am not eliagable for rehire. The manager told me theres a way to get rehired but he doesnt know how...


Can a felon become a teacher?

Can a felon become a teacher?

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Is ok to put your aunt as a reference on an application form?

I need two references, and I haven't had any previous employment. It says to put a personal reference and a teacher or something.. So would it be ok to put my aunt for the personal reference?


How can I get a truck-driving job with a felony?

I suffered a nervous breakdown and didn't get it documented in time for court. I got probation, community service and a felony larceny. I am going to try to go back and appeal. The other parties involved had trumped up charges that weren't true to hurt...


why would you like to work here at denny's?

(help?) im filling out an applicatiion & they ask me this question but im kinda stuck on it ?


Hiding money from the IRS

Where can I put my money so the IRS won't keep taxing me on my savings? Overseas? Mattress?


Should I try to make it big with my band?

well im in a band but the people in it are not very deticated. our rythm guitarist is pretty much a @ss and he gets jealous WAY too much. like im the lead guitarist he he gets all mad cuzz he says I get all the spot light and all he does is play rythm....


What's a job that requires two degrees?

Ok so i'm trying to recieve my silver award in girl scouts andi need to earn my silver career award first it says to find one job that requires a college degree plus a graduate degree can anybody help me?


How much does electricity cost on average?

Say if your paying electricity for your home, a guest house, a in-law house and a store on your property, how much would it cost? Can you put it all on one bill?


list of employers who hire convicted felons in houston, tx

I am looking for a list of employers who hire convicted felons in houston, tx.


How can I make $330 in a week when I'm 13?

I need to make $330 dollars within the next two weeks or less, i am only 13 so i can't exactly get a hiring job, how can I make that much money fast? please help!


What age do shoe stores like Footlocker & Footaction start hiring?

I really want & need a job. I loveee shoes. I'm thinking of working at a shoe store like these but I don't know if I can. Help?


What can I do to get some money?

I need some extra money in my pocket. Before you say I can't get a good job. I know before you say babysit or something. Am not good with kids who I don't know. Am not shoving snow. Cause peoples around where I live don't accept peoples help in exchang...


Is there a limit to how many times you can sue a certain individual?

I don't mean for the same thing, I mean suing them for different things that they do, that you can sue them for.


What is the difference between a credit and debit card?

What is the difference between credit card and debit card?


Is it wierd to be sixteen and still getting an allowance, rather than just getting a job?

i had jobs at 1 point but they were all really gross, and i moved alot and my mom doesnt like me doing those jobs because they are gross. so i was gonna wait till im 18 so i can get a better job instead of fast food restaurants and i want to be a pierc...


What Jobs can I get at age 15 over the summer?

im thinking about getting a job over the summer because I have nothing else to do... what are some things I can do?


Can I get a job at age thirteen?

I'm thirteen, I live in the suburbs of Detroit, MI.
I desperately want a REAL job that would get me paid at least $10,000 a year.
I've heard of child labor laws but is there anything out there..or do you know anyone?
I know modeling could get you ex...


How do I ask a boarding kennels for dogs are there any jobs?

How do I ask a boarding kennels are there any jobs because most of them are family run. I really want to do this as I love animals and want to work with them.


How to obtain past work history if you have lost it?

How to obtain past work history if you have lost it?


Can you get a job at 15?

im 14 but im turning 15 and I really wanta job and I want to know who will hire a 15 yr old

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1934 $20 bill

I have a 1934 $20 bill seriel number d00228976 with a star after the seriel number can you tell me if it is worth more than $20


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