Why do i feel tired after i poop?

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um stop straining

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Because you be poopin too hard dude

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Fatigue after passing stools is not an usual symptom of a known disease . Nonetheless, if it is a problem , it needs to be sorted out .

If I am asked to see such a case , I will be interested in digging a little deeper in the history :
Does he strain too much while passing stool?
Does he have history of piles and does he pass blood while passing stool ?
Does he perspires or feels heaviness during the act ?
Does he feels fatigue in day to day activity ?
Does he feels fatigue in climbing stairs or running fast ?
Does he have diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases etc ?
Does he feels giddy on standing when is done with defecationi ?

Answers to such questions may help me in providing some clue to investigate the patient further .

It may just be a postural drop of blood pressure which many people perceive when they suddenly stand after prolonged sitting, however serious cardiac issues and local gastro-intestinal problems also needs exclusion.

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