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Do i sound ugly? Look at my pictures -.-

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So like am I ugly? Yeah I get insecure sometimes but not like I used to. Now I kinda accept my face. Now I hate my body ._. Ehh anyway the reason I'm asking this is because people, certain people give the this look that I just feel bad for them they look scared I feel bad for myself too it's only these certain people but slowly I noticed more people look at me like that. So the first time that ever happened was at 8th grade people would see me & they'd be like "oh shit! She scared me!" But sometimes they didnt see me (im a fucken ninja!) And there was this certain boy he was so scared of me. Everyday before class we had to wait for the teacher so we stayed outside he was the first one there. I would be next. he would never make eye contact he would act weird like really scared he'd just look straightforward then would leave till class started. But it was whatever because it was just problems maybe? So then 9th grade this dude in the group of friends I was with he would be soo serious around me like the first dude he did not give me any eye contact & I would try to look into his eyes but he wouldn't look at me. only from the corner on his eye at first I thought he hated me. But then I realized he was scared which made me sad but then I started to like him and I bet he knew but I know that just scared him even more he once kinda ran away from me haha I was walking towards him, he grabbed his backpack and walked away fast. Then I just enjoyed scaring him & this other guy (like oh gosh this dude was soo attractive) guess what he did? He first threw something at me ha he saw me look at him. then couple days later walked away from me as he walked away he would only look at me from the corner of his eye. It was funny for a while. Now this year the boy I liked who's terrified of me is still scared of me sadly. Anyway this dude in first period he's scared. Now I just realized its only guys that do this why? Except my teacher she gives me the same look. I don't understand why. these other boys 1 in 5th he looks at me and gives me the same look my teacher gives me. And the other in 6th gives me the same look except he like tilts his head or something they look disgusted the look they give me is weird I guess that's why everyone else didn't want to look at me I try to avoid eye contact. I feel like medusa except I don't turn them into stone, they just look paralyzed. Now I noticed more people stare at me (these people stare for another reason just a normal stare ) but not like these do. Why do these certain people look at me like that?