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English Bull Dog, French Bull dog or Pug?

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For my graduation gift to myself i'm looking to get (most likely rescue) a new member to my family. I'm originally from the northern part of Florida so we do get a lot of heat and humidity which I know can be a health hazard. I do plan to travel a lot with the dog, mostly daily car rides, and plan to bring plenty of water or stay in the shade with short trips from the car to stores (pet friendly ones of course) and will not be leaving the dog in the car. We have a good sized back yard and a few other dogs that are about same in height but smaller in weight. I really have my heart set on getting one of these and have already read the articles and watched different videos on caring for them but I want to pick the one who will do best in my environment. We do have other kids in the household, youngeset being 5, oldest 11. In about 2 years I have plans to move to an apartment still in a similar area, just more a city setting. I really want one of the dogs but don't want to put them in a unsuitable or uncomfortable situation since they do already have so many health problems. Opinions, facts, and tips are welcomed :)