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Hey! :) Update and also, maybe help me out? ^^

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Hey guys! Another update on things. Had quite a dramatic month; february. With SAT results coming out and all, it was tough and there is still 8 more days to go. My SAT score was around 1790 and mostly the negative marking gulped down my score but my writing was pretty good and my teachers were pretty happy, telling me i could score a 2000 above next time. gonna start preparing again for the next test now. Also, I've been writing a story. It's called To Be Away From You. Im hoping to get it published although ofcourse, there's still a long way to go and ALOT of amendments to be made on the story. I've only written 11 chapters so far. Here's a link if you guys want to read it. I've been writing on wattpad: Hope you guys try it out and if you're members on there and think its a good story, maybe give some votes to it and feedback as well. It'd mean so much to me haha.

Besides that, Valentine's day was pretty good as well. I wrote anonymous friendly cards to the guys who didnt get anything on that day (we had secret messgengers and whatnot haha) and they were all quite happy :) I've become the president of our school magazine although I have yet to find a name for it. Suggest some nice names for the magazine maybe? :D Whats up with you guys? <3 :D Oh and I got a hair cut haha! Here's the pictures of the after :3