What was the smallest dinosaur?

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Our sources at Bekaa have learned that the Hao fossil hunter has discovered the smallest dinosaur in the world but has kept it in a drawer near his bed for two years unaware of the importance of the discovery.
The Daily Mail revealed that Dave Brockhurst, 51, had accidentally found a one-foot-long fossil animal named Dinosaur Maneraptoran in an abandoned building near his home in Bexhill, East Sussex, southeast England.

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The scientists, according to the newspaper "preceded" this new type of dinosaurs in the province, "Henan" in central China, and resemble those dinosaurs small non-aircraft our modern poultry, but with a single exception, "that some of them can grow significantly; 26 feet. "
"Yulong is very much like a chicken; it has a tail of feathers, and although we did not find feathers in the fossils, its effects were clear," said the head of the research team, Zhucheng Lu.
Lu's research was conducted in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Geoscience and a number of researchers in other countries, notably Philip Currie of the University of Alberta, Canada.

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a lizard ! Thanks

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