Should i tell my husband i had a miscarriage?

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Yes, definitely. If you lost your child, remember it's his child, too. Don't keep it from him.

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First why did you have an abortion?
Second, you should first consult with your husband, he is his father
Thirdly, was the fetus over three months old? If it is smaller, there is nothing wrong with it, even if it is bigger, it loses its heartbeat and feels death and pain, as it felt warm or cold with hunger, thirst for rest before death, and this is wrong.
Your husband has two cases:
First, your life is good and you are good with him. Tell him the truth.
The second is that if you reject it, you have to plead with it and ask to be allowed to do it in a friendly and attractive way. Whatever the man is, he is weak before the women. Make a promise to him that you will compensate him.
This is better than knowing on the other hand, and he will accuse you of lying, and will not trust you after that

Should i tell my husband i had a miscarriage?

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They really aren't that funny if you think about a grown man in makeup and large shoes running around squirting water on others and being obnoxious...

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