Is the quran a bible?

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No. A bible is a book that teaches the word of the LORD.

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the quran and the bible are similar.
their relationship is based on the belief that bible was the book before the quran. the quran said that the teachings of the bible were all accurate and were the same as that of the quran itself but with time were altered by humans. the quran also says that the prophet jesus was nothing more than gods messenger and was not his son. it says clearly that god has no children, wife, mother or father. the quran is a book of peace but people don't believe that and say that they are afraid of extremists when infact the quran frobids killing of any innocents

Is the quran a bible?

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نعم القران هو الكتاب المقدس ويجب اتباعه بكل حذافيرة

Is the bible accurate?

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