How do i recover my facebook password?

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Go to log in...forgotten password...follow the instructions. I'm no good with computers but I managed it.

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Try to log in again and when it pops up that your password is incorrect click "Forget Password" This will take you to instructions that will send you a code through email. Once you get the code on your email account type it in and it will give you your password. Then boom, you're in. If you didn't sign up with an email or simply don't have one there is really no help. You can try contacting workers from facebook. Simply google "Facebook Help Center" and you can ask questions through that website. Hope I could help and best of luck! xxx

How do i recover my facebook password?

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If ,You have been forgot facebook password and you want to recover.Easy way to recovery of facebook account and reset your password.

Step.1 Open facebook account from your laptop using the any browser.

Step.2 Click on “Forgotten account?” link which is located under the password field.

Step.3 You need to identify your account Show the Facebook Recover Page form and use an email address or phone number you previously added to your facebook account. If does not have then use the your facebook user name.

Step.4 After that Click, “Search”.

Step.5 If Successfully managed to identify your account ,you will see the your profile. Carefully check.

Step.6 If you No longer have access to these? Then If show the contact details Click to Continue.

Step.7 Facebook will be sent you a security code.

Step.8 Retrieve it,Enter it.If the code arrive, click Didn’t get a code ?,the go back to the reset my facebook password screen.

Step.9 You can try again after that Show the new page This will be appear “Choose a new Password”.Enter the new password then Click “Continue”.

Step.10 After that You can log in to your Facebook account with a new password then your account is accessible.

If your facebook account hacked then immediately change your password and use the strong password continually,check your information and daily basses update your record. These are simple steps in securing your Facebook account.

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