How can the devil take your soul?

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What the devil wants is what someone would call revenge I guess. God picked humans over the angels and Lucifer also wanted to be in the same high spot a Jesus. Standing on the right had side of God. So, Lucifer turned against God and took s third of the angels with him. They got kicked out of heaven and onto earth, the devil will only go to hell at the end of all days. So, while he's here, he's trying to turn us against our father. He supports good morals and good manners and everything, he just wants to take God out of it. Lucifer and the demons were once angels, their looks didn't change. So, they could come to you as an angel and you not even know it. He makes bad things seem so innocent. Fight back. Block him out. Keep God there. This summer I've stopped listening to my Christian music, I stopped praying, I was drifting away from God. Last night, I had a special moment I had a realization. Even though I've been away from God this summer. He's been with me. There's been so many huge HUGE things in my life, and he's been there for each one. Twice that I know of, I've been faced with split second life and death situations that I've had no control of. First time, I was a baby. I was driving to my trailer with my mom driving and my older brother in the front seat. We had to go super slow because like I said we were in a trailer park. I was like four or five actually, but I still say in a big carseat. Since I did I couldn't duck down or anything, I had stay sitting up leaning forward. So, we were driving and there was a guy in front of his trailer next to the street holding a gun, pointing. In that split second, I remember everything in slow motion, just perfectly. First he pointed it at my mom, then my brother. Then I remember, he pointed it at me. He kept it on my head, and I remember I wasn't scared. I could've unbuckled my seat or gotten as far down as I could, but all I did was lean back. I felt God there but I was about four so I didn't know. Then, he was (in super slow mo) pulling the trigger. God, then used this guy's gf and had her run outside and right before he pulled it enough to have the bullet come out, she pulled it out of his hands. It wasn't a miracle. It was God. The second time, I was about eleven and I was at the beach with my friend. We were in the water. The current was really strong and we had to stay on a certain side of the beach. Well, I'm wasn't a good swimmer at the time so, I wouldn't go out past where my feet could touch the ground. I brought goggles that cover your whole face and I was just swimming around under water and going under the waves. My friend really wanted to go out farther but when my brother was younger, he almost drowned at the beach from the current pulling him out far, so I wanted to be safe. But then I left my goggles with our stuff and said fine, just once. So we went a little ways out and there were about five others around us. We all were SUPER far out, well I don't like getting my face wet at the beach, so we were far out because we went under this huge wave. I was so happy because I'd never do that, then once again everything was in slow motion, life and death situation. We were all happy looking at each other, laughing. Then this huge huge, huge! Like in fifteen feet or more over my head! Huge! Was in front of us. We all never we could just float over it because it had literally no. Sign of crashing. So. When we were about a foot up in it, slow mo time, there was white at the top of it: it was crashing. We all looked at each other and then I remember one more second, nothing, then just all of a sudden I was next to my friend out of the water laughing. I didn't think a thing about it until I got home. I don't remember a thing, right? I was just sitting there scared, but I wasn't afraid. My body did this without my brain. I remember taking a breath, closing my eyes, outrunning hands in front of me, and water. Just water. Then black. I don't remember coming up, opening my eyes, getting to almost shore, nothing. When I was closing my eyes and everything, I didn't do it. I didn't do a thing. God. God had taken over my body and saved my life. If he didn't then the wave would've probably gone over my head, I wouldn't have air, I would've breathed water, and gotten dragged out, and died.

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