How can allah love me?

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he already does

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Can you people fuck of with this useless religion crap, go stick it up your ass and die

How can allah love me?

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Okay, let's get this straight. There is no messiah. God is a myth; needed by those who can't cope with their own foibles and the events of the world. Likewise, Allah is a fable. Save yourself and become an atheist. Face reality that everyone has problems, face yours. Love yourself no matter what, There is enough love to be found in the world. Just go out and find it. If you don't, don't whine about it, buy a dog. You will make it happy and it will return happiness to you. Google "Desiderata" and read it carefully. Now go forth and live life whatever it brings and be grateful for what you have, even the little things bring joy if you look. Bird songs, child laughter, ringing of a bell, crash of the waves, rain, a light summer breeze, snowflakes, and more are things to cherish. Wealth and goods don't bring happiness and only you can control how you feel. Check out libertarians and atheists. Have fun and don't be tied to having life after death. Even if it exists you need to have love and laughter in this life.


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