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Mac or Dell

I'm going to college this year and I need to decide what laptop company would be best for me. I'm going inot a Graphic Design major and I needa lap top with a long life, fantastic memory and it needs to by fast and wireless. What would be best for me? ...


What AIM program can I use on a Mac?

so, on all of my mac computers, my aol instant messanger sucks.
it always kicks itself off. and honestly it's getting extremely infuriating
does anyone know of an aim program besides ADIUM that I can download.
for some STUPID reason my iChat wont sign ...


Transferring photos from ipod to mac laptop

Hi, I am starting to tear my hair out because I want to transfer some quite valuable photos off my ipod back onto my mac laptop and cannot find any step by step instructions to do this safely. the ipod is the photo ipod 40gb 4th generation. I am sur...


Why won't my Mac register my memory stick?

Why won't my Mac register my sony memory stick pro duo magicgate mark 2 4gb memory card connect with my mac? It worked fine in my old laptop which was an acer. I stick it in the thing in the side of my laptop meant for memory cards but nothing happens...


How to save a picture to my Mac?

So I just got a mac book and im so lost because I am used to microsoft windows. so my question is how do I save a graphic to my mac. like you know using microsoft you right click on the picture you want to save, and then you click save as from the lis...


How to scan drawings into a mac computer?

I am so freaking frustrated! My printer is a HP photosmart ePRINT wireless thing that comes with a built in scanner. I don't know what to do since all it tells me to do when I push the button to scan into a PC is to scan it from a PC or consult a manua...


mac question. the mysterious disappearing arrow

hi. I have a mac and recently I noticed that when I take my thumb off of the mouse pad thing that controls the arrow (sorry not tech savvy) after about a second or so the arrow dissapears. its driving me nuts because once I put my finger back on the pa...


windows to mac OS urgent!!

hii... I just want to know if a normal HP lap top can have two Operating systems installed on it... as in have windows and mac and allow users to switch when required? please let me know fast!!! and if it is possible couuld some one tell me how I can c...


Can a Mac play graphics intensive games?

I am planning to get a macbook pro 15". Will the macbook pro be able to play all the high end graphics intensive games around without giving any system requirements error on dual boot with windows vista basic? have you tried out crysis,grand theft auto...


Why are apple mac books so expensive?

I really want a mac book. It will already have preinstalled features that would be really cool like imovie and entertainment stuff .
If you hear about laptops other than mac book tell I dont think windows movie maker is all that!! So tell about a bet...


Can I run Mac OS by putting the hdd in a different Apple computer?

Sorry if the title is rather random, but here goes. I have a ibook g3 12'' which has the video card problem but it has os x on the hdd. I also bought a powerbook g4 titanium onyx for 17.50GBP on ebay (works brilliantly even though it wasn't used for tw...


Mac & PC on same router

I had a PC hooked up to a cable modem through my local cable service provider. I also have digital cable and phone. I recently bought a rebuilt Mac O SX version 10. I used a modem I already had to connect the Mac but I was not able to connect to the in...


How do you take a video off a DVD, and burn it to another (blank) DVD on a mac?

My mother is a pianist and recently played in a performance somewhere, the man who hosted it had a video camera and made it into DVDs, one of which he gave to my mother. She wants to make copies of the DVD and I have tried a thousand times to do it but...


Musical Note

How do you get a musical note symbol on the computer - on a MAC not PC ( that way does not seem to work...thanks :-) )


BeBo signs

How do I make hearts and stars (signs) on BEBO?


PC Laptop

Other than a mac, what is the best brand laptop


What's the best laptop brand?

Which is the best laptop available other than the macs? How are the dell laptops?


Input methods

What keys are used to input stars and skulls?


What does <3 mean?

I see this symbol fairly often and I haven't figured it out. What does <3 stand for or symbolize?
Thanks, and too all
Good Luck!!


can someone lead me to this file?


and then go to: Tools > Show Inspector

I have a mac running Mac OS 10.4.11



Blur on sims 2

how do you take off that blur thing for the sims 2 ??? (for macs)


colored codes

how do you get the symbols to be colored like these ones..J


What do you think is the best OS?

What do you think is the best operating system; windows, mac or linux?


Why doesn't Apple put HDMI connection on their laptops?

Is it because they still try to sell that "Apple TV" crap? I know it's HDMI on the new iPad, but why not on the mac-book and mac-book pro?


What should I do? I lost the registration key!?

Hey so I play the sims 3 on a windows computer, but now I have a mac and I decided to install it on my mac, but I lost my registration key booklet thing and I dont know what to there a way I could get it back?


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