Which company is the best: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile?

Answer #1

i like Verizon.they have the best coverage where i live.and i think they also had the best prices at the time..but i only have a regular old touch screen phone with no data plan. i only have unlimited txting and 790 minutes between everyone in my family(4 of us).. i think about the last part.haha

Answer #2

Verizon, in my opinion. I’m pretty sure it’s the most expensive network, but their phones and service are the best. Better coverage, speed, and reliability.

Answer #3

I like T Mobile

Answer #4

I’m a at&t i’v been with them for 7yrs very good service I got mobile to mobile for under $60 cant beat that including text.internet i prefer at&t better there phones last a long time to.

Answer #5

Neither they suck and they’re phones suck to,

i would go with no contract :D

Answer #6

T- Mobile sucks. The only reason i’m still with them is because i don’t want to pay $200 to get out of my contract.

Answer #7

Too much money for a person, who doesn’t have a job.

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