Can you text many people in one group conversation on your phone?

so, say, 4 people want to have a conversation in texting on a phone, can you send the same text to say, 3 people, and have another person send a response to the other 3, and have it be like a 4-way-group-text? idk if that makes any sense but thats the best way i can explain it.

Answer #1

I don’t believe so

Answer #2

well. your losta help. -.- sarcasm lol jk thanks for answering anyways(:

Answer #3

I wud give a better answer but I don’t know of anyway to conferance text

Answer #4

Yes you can. I have done it before. The way it works on mine is I text one person first, then If I want to fwd it to others, it will allow me to put in several phone numbers before I push send. Of course there is a difference in phones, but I’m sure most will have the option in one way or another.

Answer #5

I know you can set up groups on your phone and send one txt that will go to everyone in that group.

Answer #6

yes you can

Answer #7

well i think .. you mean like one big text or everyone texting you back at the same time after you send the msg ?

Answer #8

There is - yep - an app for it. ;)

Answer #9


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