What does it mean if a phone is sold and it says it has a bad ESN?

How can you get rid of it?

Answer #1

may have to read this… http://funadvice.com/r/bqgaactk9r2

Answer #2

I think it means someone signed up for a discounted phone and then bailed on the bill from the carrier. They then sold that phone for profit. Wireless carrier locks the phone out of their system…. Maybe take it to another carrier and see if they can flash the software to their system?

Answer #3

Thank you! That helped a lot, is there a website I can go on to check the ESN or can I only contact the service provider to see?

Answer #4

U can only contact the Service provider.. And if it is still owed money on the account unfortunately u wasted money.. sorry ;(

Answer #5

It’s cool, thanks for the help though!

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