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IMac Camera

I have a new IMac which has a built-in camera. The problem is that when I open Photobooth {the software} there is an icon of a camera with a line across it signalling no camera! I have tried checking other programs like IChat to see if the camera is be...


AOL Favorite Places lost

I recently installed AOL 9.0 on my new computer. All seems OK but now I can not find my Favortie Places. When I clicked on the Favorite Places ICON nothing comes up. Although they are present on my Lap Top Computer.

When I bring up my Address Box...


Why won't my iTouch connect to the internet?

It just randomly disconnected from my router and when I try to reconnect it it says I'm entering the wrong WEP Key...I know the WEP key by heart and I even checked the router for good measure and I'm typing in exactly what is on the router. I've tried ...


File I downloaded won't play on any of my players!!!

I downloaded a file from uTorrent. It's a video file but it won't play on any of the players that I have. It doesn't even tell me what type of file it is, it just says file. Its a little difficult to explain...there is an icon by the file and its like ...


Web camera

I have a laptop with windows vista & its a gateway computer. It looks like this: big screen, black buttons with red lights , and on the side there are little icons that are lit up in red and they are touch sensable. But here is the real problem, my boy...


How to scan drawings into a mac computer?

I am so freaking frustrated! My printer is a HP photosmart ePRINT wireless thing that comes with a built in scanner. I don't know what to do since all it tells me to do when I push the button to scan into a PC is to scan it from a PC or consult a manua...


What phone should I choose and buy?

Hi there!
Im thinking of what phone to choose and buy. Its between
Samsung G600 and Nokia N95
Soo? Wich one is better? Wich one should I choose?
Oh and one more think,I asked in one shop in my town, is there any Nokia N95 but pink one (does it exis...


How to fix msn?

Well when I downloaded the newest version of msn (msn 9.0) it installed fine but after I restarted my computer and brought up the program it locked up everything. Im not able to acess my internet or any other programs on my computer. I can click as muc...


What MacBook Should I Buy?

So recently I have gotten 3 offers for University that are unconditional so I know I'm going there in September, it's just to choose what school...

But now I KNOW that I NEED a laptop. & my heart is set on a MacBook. Both my parents are IT's and recom...


Why wont my computer let me click on things?

My computer wont let me click on the icons like internet explorer msn also wont let me click on the desktop. Also sometimes it will completely lock up on me. The only time I can get on the internet is if I logoff my computer by pressing ctrl a...


Why is My ipod stuck in restore mode?

Ipod Specs:
Ipod Touch 4th gen. 4.3.x firmware Jailbroken

The other day away from home I deleted that cydia app called Winterboard and after respringing all my apps and data were deleted for reasons unknown. I tried to restore it today but while re...


What the heck is up with my computer?! Is it a virus?

First of all, I have AVG freeware version 9.0, and Malwarebytes freeware, newest version. Before I get any replies about that, YES they are compatible together, because they are different kinds of programs. Anyways, I just got a webcam, new, off ebay. ...


Why my computer doesn't have sound?

My computer just all of a sudden doesn't have any sound at all!(my speaker is inside the monitor kind). I tried start>control panel>sound and audio devices and everything was just not able to be click on! Also, the little speaker icon was not on the st...


Dvd drive not reading some cds

Hello,I am having trouble with my dvd drive reading burned cds.all other dvd movies,
Music cd or program cds come up on the computer immeadately.but my photo cd
Which I burned in the past are not coming up.I get the cd icon on the cursor but if I try t...


Itunes Won't Open !!!

Was working fine ... I download from Limewire, Turned off computer, Next day went into sync to iphone and Itunes wont open. I downloaded updated I tunes and chose repair & reload. Still nothing. I removed Itunes completely and reinstall and still nothi...


What??? My phone has a virus??

I posted this question before but no one answered (oh no!) and now im having more problems. So I have internet on my phone, and all the sudden it has started shutting off when I use it. Not every time, just randomly. Now I also cant go to a social site...


How can I satisfy signing up with Google?

Itried about twenty times to sign up with"GOOGLE" and site kept "kicking out e-name di not match with the pass word ?? What is it they want? I finally 'just gave up!! AT&T e-mail site is "like writing on "WHITE WALL", 'BLAH' Yahoo is very good ,but ...


How do you open the port on your computer to use uTorrent?

I'm far from a computer genius, so any help plainly explained for 'dummies' would be great. =)

When I try to download something using uTorrent, the icon at the bottom starts off yellow and then goes to red saying that there is no connection availab...


How can I download my graphic cards again on Windows XP without having any problems?

Well I play down-loadable games like Feral Heart. and I've tried to play it the other day and experienced black areas, and I knew my graphic cards were bad or something...and my hard drive is specifically new.
Anyways, I took advice like I did before,...


Will doing this restore my computer to default settings?

Will doing this restore my computer to default settings? Or will I still have everything on my computer?

1. Reboot your machine.
2. Press F8 before the Windows boot screen appears.
* Do not press F5 as used on the NT/9x series of Windows.
3. You will ...


Do I have a virus?

Ok. This started last night, when I went to log on to my moms administrative account ( I have one too, but heres seems to run faster, and is the main admin account.) which is what I always log on to, and something different happened. Something called w...


Computer infected

I went on the internet and al of a sudden it kinda shut down and this thing cam eup saying that all my files had been infected with tonns of worms, trojons (?) and stuff like that and saying that my documents and my c: drive was too. It was strange bec...


What should I do about my computer not turning on?

So a coouple days ago, my computer stopped turning on. I've checked the power supply while unplugged; you can still hear electricity in it when its turned on. By turned on, I mean the switch. It doesnt have the fan going or anything.

I've tried unpl...