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How can I ban someone from Myspace who hacked into my account?

Hey guys how can I ban or stop someone from hacking in to myspace account? I would love to know how and please E-mail me with lots of answer and easy answer. I hope that it's free.


How do I block someones number from my phone?

Pleeease help
Someone is ringing me and there really freaking me out
They are doing work for my neighbour and I never met them before so whta the hell why are they ringing my house phone in the morning!?!?!
And I'm so stupid I was half asleep and he as...


How do I get my a social site blog to show up on a skinny layout?

I got a new a social site layout that I absolutely adore. The only problem with it is that it doesnt show my blog. I have my poems on there that my friend like to read, I want to be able to have the layout but also be able to see my blog. Is there a co...


In MSN what dose Mk mean...

my friend keeps saying it and I dont know what it means


how do I erase all my history on the internet?

how do I erase all my history on the internet?

Belly Button Bandit


Burning a movie to a dvd-r

ok so my neighbor wants me to burn a dvd to a disc right and I have converted the movie to mpg and would I just burn it with windows media player


How to delete apps from a ipod touch 32gb?

How do you delete apps from an iPod touch. Like right from the iPod


How to program rca universal remote

how can I program my universal rca remote, I;ve tried everything


Can I switch my current tmobile cell phone network to cingula

Can I switch my current tmobile cell phone network to cingular network?


How to set up my webcam?

On my laptop I have a built-in webcam (the ones with the black dot-looking thing that has Web Camera next to it) and I go onto AOL'S IM (instant messanger) and click 'send invitation to friend' to allow them to see me on my webcam but they won't accept...


how to fix ditgital camara lens pleaseee help me!

ok, well I was using my digital camara and my friend wanted to see it then she dropped it on the ground now the lens are jammed ;| and when I tried to turn it on it said lens error and I don't know what too do how too make it work because I really need...


What screenname should I use?

Name :: melissa
Age :: 14
Sports? :: volleyball, softball
Prep? Goth? Athletic? Etc.. :: Athletic
Any Nicknames :: not really
Words you like :: idk
Animals you like :: dogs, cats
Do you want your name in your SN ::idk
Love sn? (ex : iiTHiiNKY0URMiiNE...


how do I fix this

im so mad! I have been trying to go on youtube but it keep on saying
Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
and all I do is www (dot) youtube (dot) com and I practicly...



so im not sure if my dad blocked me from buying ringtones and wallpaper on the internet and sending it to my phone but just wonderin if mxyertones is safe and how much do the songs cost (I have unlimited txting ) and other stuff about mxyertones. Do y...


Verify my email address for Yahoo mail?

how can I verify my email address on


Anybody doesn't own an ipod in here?

I don't think so, lol.

29 views NSFW

I need help with my Micro Innovations Webcam

I need help geting my new webcam to work I've tried installing it and I fallowed all the instructions givin but it still says that my computer can't detect the camera how can I get this thing to work? I really want this to work I hate to see electronic...


What's a good photo and graphic designer?

What's a good photo and graphic designer?


What are some AIM screen names ideas?

I have blonde haire and love to shop and go to the beach! I also love dogs dance sigging.
Please help me figure some out?


How do I blend three images together?

what websites can I go on to blend three images together with a boarder?


What should I get since I just killed my mp3?

ok well I had an mp3 that I really liked but I broke it like the other 4 cause im kinda clumsy with the things sometimes. so I wanna know if I should get the same one because it was really great and it had a button that spun which I liked or should I g...


Laptop or labtop?

well iono if they're the samething or what BUTT!!, cus I get a simple lab/laptop for about 200 bills?


How to get in my iPod if I forgot my code?

how can I get in my ipod if I for got my password or code


Why do they block myspace anyway?

Why do they block myspace anyway?


How do I put pictures on

hey I was wondering do I put pictures on
anybody know?


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