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Screensavers download for a Mac

Any sites where I can download movie screensavers that are mac friendly? I've tried downloading but some just doesn't work and I can't seem to find too many that are suitable for apple computers. I need help! Thanks.


Charger on a Mac?

Is it good to let your mac book charge all the time.?
I have a Mac..and when im using it at home I keep it on the charger.. even when its at 60%. Is that bad for the battery?

Also how long does the battery normally last?


Symbol Works on YM 9 beta but not on YM 9 final release! Why???

How do you put heart symbol on yoru YM 9.0 status?
Before on my YM 9.0 beta it works but when I update it

and when I put ♥ symbol it become like this "like a squre"

ALT+3 or anymuber works ON:

YM 9 beta

Doesnt work ON:

YM 9 final re...


How do you restore deleted history on a Mac?

I guess it's also a question of CAN you do it, but if anyone knows how to restore the history already deleted can you please tell me? :) Also, is there a way to make a password to GET to the history, so that it can't be deleted unless you use the passw...


Mac or PC?

What kind of computer should I get?

I mostly surf the web and deal with email. I don't play games or anything like that. I sometimes have to write papers as well.


How can I get my MAC camera to record with sound again?

A few months ago I noticed that my MAC camera on my laptop will record videos as well as take pictures but it does not have any sound? Is there a way to troubleshoot or like re-install the sound maybe?


How do we insert an equation for a straight line graph in Excel 08 mac OSX?

I know how to do it on windows but i can't figure it out on my mac. and I'm under a time any useful help would be highly appreciated!

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What: Is there a video making programme compatible with a Mac?

So is there? I already know about iMovie but I CAN NOT stand it as it is the most irritating programme ever. I'm specifically looking for a free programme that is similar to Windows Movie Maker and is compatible with an Apple Mac. Help? ^_^


Mac webmail?

Is Macintosh really releasing a new email program? I heard someone at work talking about .mac webmail coming out, but my Mac buddy didn't have a clue. Why is this a big deal? Why doesn't IBM have their own .ibm or Unix a .uni?


Why cant I download skype on my mac ?

Why cant I donwload skype onto my mac it keeps sayin mounting failed in the middle of my donwload. I've checked my system and ol I have version 10.5.8 so it shud work but it dont.. Help!


Who knows of a good MP3 player that works for Macs?

I am in complete and utter need of portable music!
I want an MP3 thats under $50.
Pleaseee, must work with Macs.
and no Ipods or ipod shuffles!
can be sorta ugly, doesnt matter.


What's wrong with my mac, it won't turn back on?

When I close my mac it turns off completely. It also won't turn back on, I have to take the power cord out, take the battery out, then hold the power button for a couple seconds, put the battery back in and then it will turn on. It didn't use to turn o...


Which is better, Mac or HP?

I am looking for a good student computer to home school on. It needs to be fast and able to run a lot of programs at the same time. I'd also like it to have longevity, and not virus prone.


Are there any free programs I can download for Mac that will be able to mix audio with video?

iMovie isn't letting me drag vlc videos over... I want to be able to have like video game play or other stuff like that and still be able to talk over it. Like a commentary for youtube...


Film editing software for macs

I use Final Cut Pro at school, but I would like to get a decent program for editing movies at home. I would get final cut, but it's way too expensive. Does anyone know of a cheaper good quality film editing program for macs?

thanks =]


Buying a mac laptop

I am buying a mac laptop(the oldest one for $999) and I just need some advice on it.

1.) how long does the laptop last?(years)
2.)should I buy the protective plan for $250?
3.)any idea if the recording on the laptop is good because I'm buying it s...


How come my ipodtouch has the little wireless symbol?

I dont have a router, but my ipod touch is picking up from my laptop, and it has the little blue wireless symbol and everything on the top, but my ipod touch cant access the internet, youtube, anything that you have to have a wireless connector. Why is...


Saving Stickies (mac) to a USB

Hi, I have a school loaned computer that I use generally at home. It is a Mac Book, OS X, running with Leopard currently. I was wondering if there is any way to import my stickies on to the USB drive, as the computer techs are going through our compute...


How to get MSN Messenger on a Mac?

well, I need to install msn messanger on my laptop, but whenever I try to, I little window pops up saying that I don't have any software to open this application. any1 know how 2 do this? im so bad at computers!


How can I compress my files on mac?

I want to compress some movie files on my macbook, but when I tried the zip file was the same size as the original files, so I don't see the point.
The original files are 1.37 GB all together and the zip file is 1.36 GB. Is this all it can compress i...


Boot camp on mac

I know the general concepts of bootcamp wit its compatibility with pc on mac.
But does anyone have it and use it?I want to know if it is worth all of the trouble and money...I hear if the pc side of your bootcamp gets a virus it will sometiimes carry...


Should I get a Mac?

Okay so I'm gonna go to college this fall and I'm gonna get a new laptop from my parents because this one is beat-up, slow and old :P
Right now I just have this MSI laptop with Windows on it. But I was wondering..should I get a MAC? I heard the system...


Is there a Mac-style keyboard for pc's?

I HAVE to use a pc computer a lot now and I hate the keyboards that they come with. I'm really used to a Mac keyboard (thin, low-profile, spaced buttons, etc.,). Is there any like that for a pc that is a FULL keyboard with the number pad and everything...


What are good programs for video editing on a MAC?

I'm thinking about starting up videos, but like more complicated ones that are pretty awesome looking. However, I'm a sad little amateur and know nothing about video, so please recommend equipment and good video programs, preferably ones I can download...


How do I get my Mac to work?

So I have a MacBook Pro. The other day, I was was in System Preferences and I accidentally changed it so that my computer never goes to sleep on its own. Its only a problem because it drains the battery really fast now. It still goes to screen saver, j...


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