Can anyone tell me a good photoediting website?

Answer #1

Photoshop is my favorite! Or instagram but it’s an app. If you have an iPhone or Android I highly suggest you download it! [x

Answer #2

Check out this website. Its a great site to edit your photos online.

Answer #3

photo bucket ( i think is awesome, used it for years. be funky ( is a new one i started using and does well too

Answer #4

Since picnik closed down I’ve been using picmonkey.

Answer #5

i know but my parents took away my ipod so i couldnt use it><

Answer #6

i think the best for now is Photoshop, and the newest Instagram but i will recommend also to you its an Chinese site but you will easy understand that through exploring, I’m also using that site whenever I’m editing some pictures. you must download that.

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