How can you check if someone's pic is really their's or a fake?

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its hard to tell, but if they have lots of photos on their profile then there is a great possiblity that it is them

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Do a reverse image search.

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Thanks for telling me about this site, i tried it and worked.

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(: You're welcome.

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if you see it on google or sites alot

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I'm on the net a lot and see a ton of fake pics cuz I see em in multiple websites and especially under different names.

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just ask who ever that person to do some funsign

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Yes, do a reverse picture search. If you have google chrome, you can download an extension. I use this all the time for anything. To search what objects are and stuff. It is really useful. Go here.
You can even change your options from right-clicking on an image to search it or just clicking on bottom right corner of it. It is really useful. Hah now I'm just repeating myself.

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be aware some fakers use real FB photos that have not been published anywhere else, TinEye fails at FB, even photos that are numbered (because they were DL from facebook) cannot be found.... generally they'll make a mistake soon enough, upload a pic that isnt theirs or something....

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A picture on the net is simply 'uploaded' could be you, your neighbor, a ham sandwich, etc.....

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Trace the real address of the picture. It's actually complicated.

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