How much does a wireless router cost?

Answer #1

If you want one that doesn’t load a lot of Internet stuff like YouTube videos then $25-30 but if you want a good one that loads tons it’s near $60-80 depending on where you go. I recommend you don’t buy one through your cable/internet company, they make you pay way more than necessary. I know this because my mom just dealt with all of this.

Answer #2

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Answer #3

No problem:)

Answer #4

I HIGHLY recomend the Linksys WRT54GL.

I have an older WRT54G v3.1 that is still ticking form like 2005. Brother has a WRT54G v5 that runs great. Both my Dad and best find have the WRT54GL. It has over 3,600 reviews on Newegg, and still a 5/5 overall rating. Right now its on sale for $50 with free shipping.

I have recommend this router to EVERYONE I know who ask about a solid, practical wireless router. I have never had anyone tell me it did not do what they wanted. I have had people switch out Netgear, Belkin, and D-Link routers for the WRT54G, GS, or GL Linksys routers, and have had not troubles after than. No more restarting 3 your router 3 times a week, or your signal dispearing, or dropping your printer.

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