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How do I send pictures from my phone to my home PC?

I have a sansung T429 phonw and want to send my pictures to my home PC, how do I do this


unlocking nano

my sister was playing with my ipod and made a new combination.When I to lock I thougt iknew the combination.HOW DO I BREAK THE COMBINATION ?


Verizon chocolate phone water damaged

My chocolate just dropped in the sink,now its just cutting on and there anything I can do to fix it??? Please help


How can I find my SSID or WEP?

I can't find nor' search for my SSID and my WEP? I want to put internet on my wii.


What is the difference b/w Microsoft Works 9 & Home & Student 2007?

I'm buying a laptop for school soon and could have either Microsoft Works 9 or Microsoft Home and Student 2007 with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. What is the difference between the two?


Unblocked music sites at school

What some sites that aren't blocked at school so that I can listen to music??


What do I have to do if someone uses my identity?

I have a bend.And we all shared our password..until guitarist decided to ruin all..He deleted existing password,replaced it with his own,and now he is abusing everything without our control...videos,photos,communication,identity..There is no way to for...


Phone only gets one message then I have to turn it off and back on

My phone only gets one message then I have to turn it off and back on to get another message... Its a verizon phone. Any help???


Do you have any favorite free apps for your iPod?

if so what are they :)


How can I get someone's email password to hack their Myspace?

How can i get someones password..if it says it sends it to their email..and then doesnt do anything else?? It says it sent it to their email but doesnt give me a chance to change their email password so i can send the myspace one to it??


I want to get a Dell 1525 Laptop, but I need some help!

1) How can I get wirelesss internet for this laptop so I can take it anywhere, not just use it at home? Is this a good laptop?
2) I heard I can get it for $545, is that the real price or is it more expensive?
3) Anything I should know before gettin...


How to use puppetshop?

where to install and how to use puppetshop?

I've Installed puppetshop but I couldn't find it in 3ds max 9...

Couldn't find a video on how to use puppetshop on a different 3Ds max model.
I have 500+ models and I dont know how to use puppetshop t...


What are some effects that are good when used together on Picnik?

I can't afford photoshop, so as of right now I'm stuck with using Picnik photo editing and quite frankly I'm not very good at it. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for 2 effects that work well together, or any type of technique at all for e...


How do you get your IMVU profiles like this?

How do you get profiles to be like all the way in the center like that? I know its like some kind of code.
example: (in attached photo)
(you probably need to be logged in to see her profile)


Virtual Chat Room With NO Download?

Whats a fun chat website were you can create a virtual avatar with no download
besides Meez?


How to save a picture to my Mac?

So I just got a mac book and im so lost because I am used to microsoft windows. so my question is how do I save a graphic to my mac. like you know using microsoft you right click on the picture you want to save, and then you click save as from the lis...


How do you download a game from your smartphone to your computer?

I would like to know how to do this so that I could download some games to my son's computer for him to play. Are you able to do this and how did you do it? I have a Verizon Wireless LG Lucid 4GLTE. Thanks for your advice! :)


How do you put more than one picture in a single photo?

I'm not sure if that makes any sense, so I'll make it more clear now :)

I've seen people putting four pictures in one default picture on their profiles for different social networking sites (a social site, a social site, etc.) I had an idea for one,...


How do I make symbols?

I see some things on the computer with the weird symbols and whatnot
how do you do this?


How can I upload a photo onto my Ipod Touch?

Hi Guys!
I need some help!
Any idea how I can upload a single photo/folder onto my ipod touch without the need to sync everything?
If I sync I have to send all the pictures I already have on the Touch back again or they will disappear...
Aaaargh! H...


The difference between anti-virus and internet security software?

What is the difference between anti-virus software and internet security suite software?


Is the iMovie app any good?

I have several small clips on my iPod that I want to edit all together and I was wondering if the app for iPod, iMovie, would be any good for that. Does it have any other cool features?? Thankies!!


Why isn't there sound on my computer?

I dont have sound on my computer unless I restart it and start up the internet right away...
im guessing my sound only works through the internet..but if I x out of the web and click open a new window I'll have no sound..

I dont think its the sound c...


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