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Veet nair

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What about veet instead of nair

I hear that veet doesnt smell as bad as nair to use on my arms ?


What is better Veet Or Nair?

What is better veet or nair? but not just for legs and arms and underarms but for bikini and all of that area. I heared there not made for there but a lot of people use them but which is better? And do they cause irritation, cause shaving caused me ras...


Should you not use Nair on your vagina or is it okay to?

Should you not use Nair on your vagina or is it okay to?

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Is nair good to shave your vagina with?

Is nair good to shave the vagina with

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Shaving or Nair

Does shaving or nair work better

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Veet or Nair? I'm scared.

Hey, everyone.

All right so, my mom said in about a week or when my scraped wound from my legs heal, I can try using a hair removal cream. And my mom said to use Veet. I have dark hair. Would it be okay? I've been hearing mixed comments about Veet, ...


How well does Veet work?

does the hair leg stay a month before returning?


Is veet hair removal gel safe for arms?

Just wondering if it is safe to try. :)


Will nair harm my tattoo?

I use the new nair shower power but I just got a new tattoo ... will it cause the ink to pulll out?


Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?

is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it??

does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?


Veet hair removal?

anyone try the new veet formula??? is it better? then the other 1s??? and what is the best veet formula to use for sensitive dry skin??


Who can tell me if using nair before tanning is bad?

Okay I going tanning for the first time tomorrow and I was wondering if using nair on your legs before you tan would be a bad idea?


How well does Veet work?

Does it get the hair out by the root? Or does it just melt off the ends and leave you with dark dots like shaving?


what can i do if i left nair on to long?

i used nair on my uper lip and i guess i left it on to long now my uper lip is really red and i have a big date tomorrow! what can i do to get rid of this redness quickly!? please help

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Is it better to shave with razors or Veet?

Alrighty...on the whole shaving issue...I was it better to shave...or just use like a cream or you know how theres Veet...or Nair...
im not that big on is it okay if I replace just...using Nair or ...

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Do you need to wet your legs before using Veet?

Whenever you use the Veet Shaving kits with the bladeless razor and depilitory cream, do you have to get your legs wet before you use it, or do you just leave them dry? Answers would be appriciated!!

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How well does hair removal cream from veet work?

I just bought veet hair removal cream for t he first time and I was wondering what other people think of it
or is there a better way to well remove unwanted hairs
and where is the best place to test the cream when using it for the first time??


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