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HELP on pimples , dry oily skin ?!!!!

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for the last couple of days I have been getting pimples , I dont know how I got them all of the sudden I have little pimples on my forehead.I have also goten a couple on my cheeks.I hate how they skin also have dry skin and oily skin.It looks so dry that I think it makes my face look like I have wrinkles when I smile.. :( I want to shrink my pores too.Iam only oily on my Tzone of my face.I dont want to use any chemicals either because I used nuetrogena products for acne and that gave me an alergic reaction to my face.I also think it could be because of my liquid foundation its nuetrogena clearskin foundation.I had it for 3months its getting old could it be for that ? Also is their any cheap liquid founation thats not oily and gives good coverge and last long that I can find in walmart or walgreens ?,Please can u give me any homeremedies that can help or that youve tried .Thank you !(: