How to fit in with no money to buy the cool clothes? -_-

I am 15, with NO money, and no one will hire me. I am very nervous about school next year (going back to brick and mortar schools) because I was homeschooled before and have very low self esteem. My mother does not allow me to wear skinny jeans, and I can't afford designer clothing. I don't know what to do! Can someone please help me!

I am worried about next year. Horribly worried...

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Could you get a part time job to earn some money for clothes?

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Well first off love, you are too young for a part time job. Well in my state you are, you have to be at least 16 to work a part time job. Like at a local fast food restaurant, a grocery store, clothing store, etc. I myself have been in a similar situation, I needed money but I was too young for a job. So I asked my parents for an allowance weekly, they agreed on $40 a week for cleaning, helping out with little tasks, like my 2 baby sisters! lol. But the point is, maybe you should negotiate a deal with your parents for an allowance. it may not be high as $40, or it may be higher. If you do get a deal with them on your allowance, you should save half and pocket half every week you get paid your allowance. If you do this faithfully, depending on how much time left you have for school, you should have more than enough money to spend on the things you may want for your school year. if you have loving parents, they may get you something out of their pocket just for the heck of it. a tip that I will give you though, is to "bargain" shop. Some people think that having nice things means that you have to shop on the expensive side. NOT! I am a pro at bargain shopping. My wardrobe went from being boring to being AMAZINGGG!! I go to stores that have great sales, clearance racks, etc. Don't try to "Fit in", just buy clothes that fit YOUR personality, YOUR style, YOUR attitude. it doesn't have to be up to par with everyone else. Just be yourself, at least people will realize that you're not a poser. I hope I helped you. I know....I lectured you. LOL, but I just wanted to share this with you since I was in a familiar situation.

P.S: here are some stores that you should check out:
- Charlotte Russe
- Rue 21
- Forever 21
- Delia's
- Love Culture
- Pac Sun
- Ross
- Tj Maxx
Depending on where you live, most of these stores should be local. Hope I helped! XOXO !

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EBay is a great place to get cool clothes for rediculously cheap and if your mum don't like it then hide them in your school bag and get changed when you have left. Good luck to you x

Peyton's clothes on One Tree Hill

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