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What would you do if someone stole your growth, beauty, youth, and blessings?

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If you were born to be tall and someone stole your growth, your beauty, your youth and your blessings what would you do? If God blessed you to be beautiful with long smooth hair and someone stole lots of hair on your head and made your hair thin, what would you do? If someone stole your physical beauty and made you ugly physically and was putting hair and pimples all over your body would you cry? What if the person was pulling your breasts down to your stomach and making your breast sag and look like an old woman's at the age of 21? What if the person made you look very ugly physically and it showed in all your pictures? What if the person stole your youth and made wrinkles appear all over your body? And if the person stole your womanly shaped legs and changed it to shapeless looking male legs? What if you were a good dancer as a child and all of a sudden the person stole your blessings? Whomever does all of this to a person is obviously a witch and a very jealous person and deserves the ultimate punishment!