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Is this lice or dandruff or some other hair problem?

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Everytime I scratch my head I get this weird white thing under my nails but anyways I rinsed my hair with this thing ---> sunday and it was fine, I had some white things near my scalp but my mom checked and said it wasn't lice. Yesterday I rinsed my hair with a blended apples and some water and I woke up today with residue in my hair I mean it was so bad some of my hair strands where white like if you moved your hair when you had gel and it turned white. The residue came off when I pulled it off the hair and it wasn't just near the scalp it was all over the length. So I washed it with a sulfate shampoo and it got most of the gunk out but still, it still has some left and it's also near the scalp. So is it residue from the apple thing or dandruff or lice(I had lice when I was 9 and I wasn't itchy but boy did I have it) I really can't have lice since My hair is all the way to my butt crack and it's thick and curly. :(