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Sore tongue piercing

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Get your tongue pierced, does it effect your talking

When you get your tongue pierced does it effect your talking much ?
And what are ways to make the swelling go down ?


Snake eyes tongue piercing, how long will it take for it to close?

I just got my snake eyes two days ago (tongue piercing)
If I take it out any time soon, will the holes close up fast?


White Ring around top of tongue piercing

I have a White ring Of like taste Buds or Sumthing Around my tongue Ring...I was wondering what it is and how I can get rid of it...
My friend said its normal Is it?


Can I clean my tongue piercing with normal salt?

Hi I pierced my tongue 3 days ago but I have been cleaning it with normal salt. Can I use normal salt to clean it aswell if I dont have sea salt? Because its the third day and its got a bit of a yellow color around it now.


Can I do a tongue web piercing at home?

so I reaaallly want to get my tongue pierced, but of course my parents said no.
so I figured maybe id just pierce my tongue web instead, for now atleast =]

I just wanted to know if id be able to do it at home
by myself, or have a friend do it?

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Are there foods I can't eat after getting my tongue pierced?

I really want to get my tongue peirced
so I want to know if they're are limits to what I can eat
&&_wat it really feels like,I see a lot of vids of people getting it done
and they rarley scream

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does Claire's do lip piercing?

does Claire's do lip piercing?

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What ear is the straight ear to pierce?

What ear is the straight ear to pierce?


Why do people want to get their tongues pierced?

I want to ask people who have got this piercing. How does it feel to taste things, eat, talk etc. after a Tongue Piercing.

Even tough I feel awkward for some other piercings gals do, I can accept it as people have different taste for fashion/look/styl...


Tongue piercing ripped :O

I got my tongue done about a month ago
but its ripped a bit like only a few mm's or so. but its made a dent in my tongue and my piercing has gone into it (its not stuck or as gross as it sounds and its defo not infected)
I asked my piercer yesterday ...


Nipple piercings on small breasts?

Nipple piercings on small breasts?

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What does a tongue piercing feel like when it's done?

I was searchin the internet about getting tounges peirced, im 100% sure I want it dun, been thinkin about it for years and the time has come, some people say it hurts and some say it dont, I had my belly done and I could feel it but it didnt hurt it ju...


Which is more painful, lip or nose piercing?

most painful, lip or nose?


How do you hide a tongue piercing?

I got my tongue pierced about 2 months ago, but took it out after 6 days because my parents didn't approve.

Now I'm studying abroad at a relative's, and I want my tongue pierced again w/out my aunt and uncle noticing (or else my parents will eventua...


What's this hard white area around my tongue piercing?

I had my tongue pierced about a month and a half ago and after a couple of weeks it developed a raced white area only in the front of the ring that is hard and sensitive, even the inside of the hole feels hard, it looks like a volcano in shape, I don't...


What should a 13 year old get pierced?

Should I get my eyebrow or my tongue?

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Is a cartilage piercing the same gauge size as a normal ear lobe piercing?

Does the helix cartilage piercing have gauge sizes or is it the standard size like a regular ear lobe piercing?


What can I do to help my newly pierced toung from hurting?

What can I do to help my newly pierced toung from hurting? And when will it stop.


which ear does a boy pierce his ear the right or left???

I am confused on it!!!which ear does a boy pierce his ear the left or right???


How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced?

How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced?


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