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I have really skinny legs how to make them look fuller?

well I kinda have really skinny legs and they're long and I hate it
so um do you know what would make them look more fuller?
does it make it look worse if I use skinny jeans?


how do I get rid of butt hair?

how do I get rid of butt hair?

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How to get rid of peeling skin?

How to get rid of peeling skin


how to get rid of acne easily?!

is there any way?

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How do you get rid of a pig nose?

I have a really upturned pigs nose, so bad that people can see up my nostrils just by looking at me...what can I do?


How to get rid of a pointy nose?

I have a pointy nose and I want the end to be rounder without plastic surgery,,what can I do to make it round?

Thanks =]


How to get rid of a scab on my face?

I have a scab on my face help!! and I want it to go away as soon as possible. or tone down a bit by tomorrow! help me


How do I lighten the dark areas between my legs and on my vagina?

think I might have pcos so its kinda dark. its on the inside of my legs and on my vagina. around my anus too, just wanna know if I can bleach the skin or something

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Get rid of peeling but stay tan

Ok I got sun burn and after red went away I had a pefect tan but now iam peeling and my pigment going with it how do I get rid peeling but keep tan?


Do you need to wet your legs before using Veet?

Whenever you use the Veet Shaving kits with the bladeless razor and depilitory cream, do you have to get your legs wet before you use it, or do you just leave them dry? Answers would be appriciated!!

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How can you get rid of a hangnail on your little toe?

I have had one for years and keep doing what someone told me, trim it down as far as you can. It keeps comming back and is annoying, I want it to be gone.

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how do I get rid of the mark a scab left ?

after picking a scab how do I get rid of the mark it left ? as soon as you've picked the scab you have a red mark instead! how do I make that go away? I've got tonnes because I just had the chicken pox an I picked the scabs on my face . . . help!!!

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How do I get rid of dry skin above my lips?

Above my upper lip, I have really dry skin, it isn't a cold sore, just dry skin, I've tried using lip balm on it, vasaline, face moisturizer, everything! What do I do?


How to get rid of bump in my nose without surgery or botox?

I have a big, ugly, crooked nose. it makes me so ugly! and I hate it! how do I fix it?!?!?! without surgery or injection?!?!?!
I have zero confidence thanks to this ugly sniffer so please help me be pretty and not ugly cause of my ugly nose


Do Leggings make your butt look bigger, is that why they are worn?

Why do girls wear just leggings? they say because it is really comfortable but I think its because they wanna make their butt look bigger... which I think is really annoying! every single girl I know does it, and I feel like punching them in the face e...


Which natural shade tights are the best for hairy legs?

Im a male to female crossdresser who needs a bit of help. I cant seem to find any tights of a natural shade to hide my hairy legs. I play sport so I dont want to raise suspicion by shaving my legs.

Please help.

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How can I get rid of sunburn peeling?

I went fake and bake andgot burnt and now my back is peeling and its all in spots it looks sooo bad is there any way I can make it peel faster of get rid of it because I have a wedding in a month and dont want my back to be ugly please help as soon as ...


How can I get rid of a hairy stomach?

I am a girl with a hairy stomach its kinda dark! and come on girls shuldnt rele have that ..I don't take mi top off and I don't like wearing a bikini when I go swimming ..its kinda all ova its horrible! I've tried shaving it but it just comes b...

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How can I get rid of discolored spots from a sunburn?

I went to the beach a week and a half ago and got badly burnt. After a couple days of redness, I got an awesome tan for a day then I started to peel. I didn't mind until the new skin underneath was a very noticeable lighter color in patches. This is ha...


Getting rid of orange-red tone on my brown hair!?

Ok so one day I decided to dye my hair dark dark brown. I kinda liked it but after a couple of months I decided I like my old hair better. My old hair is a light brown and compared to that my hair looked black. So we went to the hair stylist to dye my ...


How do you get rid of a huge nose!

Im 13 years and I cant have platic surgery, or can I. This bothers me so bad that my nose is so big. My nose is really really big. I am sure my nose is why im so ugly, because I have pretty big eyes and beatiful big lips and a cute face and cheeks but ...

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Is it normal to have cellulite at 13?

is it ok to have cellulite and im about to turn 13?
im skinny though
it on the top back of my thigh

is this normal?
how can I get rid of it?

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How to get a clean-shaved vagina?

I shave down there, and it looks decent, but I can never get it completely smooth such as my legs. Are there any tips or tricks to get rid of the stubble? :/

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What do I do about the red rash I get after shave my vagina?

I shave my vagina hair and its my second time, and I get this red itchy rash and it hurts how do I get rid of that or help it go away , and what are other ways to get rid of hair down there, without waxing


I have a little extra fat on my vag

I have a little extra fat on my vag, is this normal ? what will guys say? how do I get rid of it

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