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Picture shaved bikini area

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What way should you shave your down there area?

What way should you shave your down there area? Up or down?


Do you shave your outer vagina when shaving bikini lines?

When you shave your bikini line are you supposed to shave the outer parts of your vagina?

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What are tips for shaving the bikini line?

What are your best tips for shaving down there? Thanks!

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Is it good to shave your private areas?

I have heard about men that shave their private areas is it good to do that or dont


Should I shave down there?

Should I shave down there???

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How much do you shave in your bikini area?

I like to shave because it makes me feel more comfortable without hair sticking out everywhere but I was wondering how low down your bikini area should go..? Also, I ALWAYS get really bad shaving bumps that hurt and are really sore whenever I shave dow...


How can I shave my bikini area and not get razor bumps?

alright, so whenever I shave around my bikini area, the next day, tiny red bumps start showing upp, and theyre really itchy until the hair grows backk. is there any way to still be able to shave and not have anything like that happen? advice would be g...


Tips for shaving pubic area?

I need a good, close, clean shave.


Shaving bikini area without getting bumps?

I've always kept it trim around that area, but haven't shaved it before. Well, I've started to shave down there instead. Every time I do, I get red bumps. I used to be overweight, so I never really cared before. But now I am thin enough to wear a biki...


Can you use smooth away on your bikini area?,

does smooth away work? and are there any side affects, like it hurting?


Shaving for Girls

How should I (a girl) shave "down there" ?

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should I shave my vagina?

should I shave my vagina?

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How fat is too fat for a bikini

How fat is too fat for a bikini

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What do you think of this picture?

What do you think about this picture of me?


how much do you shave down there??

how much do you shave down there??

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How do you get rid of bad razor bumps/ingrown hair from the bikini area?

They hurt and causes self-consciousness :(

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Shaving your areas . . . And irritation

Okay I shave mi pu*sy and it tends to get very irritated,
So is there like a cream or sumthin? Because I cant be like this anymore!!!

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Bikini wax area gets red and irritated with ingrowns, what to do?

Every time I try to do a bikini wax or shave, my skin always gets irritated and red with ingrowns. I need advice and help please!!!xx

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Is it prefered to be shaved in the genital area?

Heya I just wanted to ask, do most peole prefer the genital area shaved or with natural pubic hair? Because I cut my pubic hair at the moment and I just want to know whether most people prefer this?


Tips on shaving the bikini area without getting bumps etc?

I'm into the skimpy-on-the-hair look for between my legs, but I jsut have so many problems with ill effects from hair removal.

I get bump, sometimes the acne-looking bumps, and recently I started getting ingrown hairs. I find it all disgusting. ...


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