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How to get hairier arms?

I want to have hairy arms any way to make my arms more hairy I'm a man?

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Belly button ring

The person who pierced mine said to wait 8 weeks to swim or change it.
But my best friend had hers done and the person who did hers told her only 6 weeks..
So when should I change it and swim..cause summer is coming up :)


How can I make my breasts bigger?

so can you tell me what you did cause I seriously want bigger boobs and I am a different person than the one who you gave advice too but I was googling this question and I read this
I seriously NEED bigger boobs
so please help me


What is the dot on the forehead of Pakistani women?

okay im not saying this to be rude. I always wondered this. a person who lives in Pakistan, they dot on the womens fore head. is that just a diamond stuck there with glue, is it a sticker? what is it & how does it stay


Can you hide a lip piercing / snake bites?

I want to get snake bites cause my Girlfriend finds them to be rather attractive and other reasons. Though I have to be a more professional person for my career and such I was wondering if it is possible to have your lip pierced such that it doesn't s...


Serious Question - How do I make my hair nappy?

I want dreads, and I've even had them before, but they've never locked. The first time I got dreads, they were alright. They started getting nappy, but they did not lock! I took those out, and someone else did them. This time they were like little curl...


When/ how often to shave?

I shave down there and every now and then, when the hair starts to grow out again I get the red bumps. It sucks really bad. Also I feel like I cant shave too often because it will leave more red bumps. any suggestions on how to shave like every other d...


vch piercing?

I want a vch piercing really badly, but I can't go to a professional to get it done so I want to do it myself. Before anyone says it, risks blah blah blah, infection blah blah blah, I know the risks, but risk comes whether or not its professional. I'm ...


Gun vs Needle (Cartilage Piercing)

Heyy! Once again I have a cartilage question. Hah. Okay so... I've been reading and so far I've only seen negative feedback about using a gun for a piercing... Is it that likely that you WILL get a disease or a shattered cartilage from using a gun? Las...


What do full lips mean?

Hello..well a while ago I asked a question about big lips... I got all 12 positive answeres most said guys prefer big lips..well at school, why du boys take tha p outta them then ? Theres this girl shes also got big lips yes isnt thaa prettiest person ...

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How can I make the hair on my arms less noticable?

Ok so when I was like 7 or 8 I shaved the hair on my arms off cause I thought there was too much.. boy was I wrong. I'm a girl btw so it's sorta bad... Anyways my brothers notice my arms one day and said that they where hairier than theirs. :( What can...


I have hair all over my body!

no one teases me yet, but they will and I know it, im not very popular anyways and everyone elready makes fun of me, I dont want to give them another reason to! I am only 13 year old girl and im covered in hair I have loads of my stomach and arms and i...

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How do you get rid of a huge nose!

Im 13 years and I cant have platic surgery, or can I. This bothers me so bad that my nose is so big. My nose is really really big. I am sure my nose is why im so ugly, because I have pretty big eyes and beatiful big lips and a cute face and cheeks but ...

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How can I heal a peeling sunburn?

What's up guys?

So, I'm a very outdoor oriented person, and always tan easily, being half Brazilian. I'm freaking out because about a week ago, maybe less, I fell asleep while laying out by my pool. I got sunburned but every other time I burn I go str...


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