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Is it true that you don't wear panties with pantyhose?

Hi im a 18 y/0 female and have a fashion question. Mom said that women wear pantyhose without underwear? Is that true and or safe? Also I want to wear strappy shoes with pantyhose is that ok?

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How to get hairier arms?

I want to have hairy arms any way to make my arms more hairy I'm a man?

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Can I pierce my Monroe at home safely?

can I pierce my monroe at home myself if I have the right needles and things? I pierced my own nose and I was wondering if it is safe to pierce my monore. friends are telling me no because they heard somewhere from someones friend...(that whole grape v...


Happy trail growing back disgusting

God I feel so gross.. I feel like a man..
I made the stupid decision to shave my happy trail for about a year now..and I've doing it ever since,but for no reason! I don't know..there was never even anything there..and now it just grows back thick like ...


how can I tell if my gauges are swollen?

monday I decided to gauge my ears. going from a size of a small lip ring to a 6. instead of just jumping striaght to a six, I went to spencers for advice the man gave me a taper going to a size six. He told me that when I get in the shower push the tap...


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