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Pantyhose etiquette

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Do girls like pantyhose?

do girls like pantyhose?

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Man pantyhose

should man wear pantyhose?

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sould i wear pantyhose

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prefer to wear Wolford pantyhose or Hanes pantyhose?

Do you prefer to wear Wolford pantyhose or Hanes reinforced toe pantyhose?

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Do women wear more stockings than pantyhose?

So do women wear more stockings than pantyhose ?

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Do women wear panties with pantyhose?

Do wome wear panties with pantyhose?

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Brands of pantyhose

How many different brands of pantyhose in the U.S.A


Black or nude colored reinforced toe pantyhose?

Black or nude colored reinforced toe pantyhose?

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Do you wear panties under pantyhose?

Girls, Do you wear panties under pantyhose and if yes what kind.

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Pantyhose are they dead

How come more and more people think that pantyhose are a thing of the past? Why do you think pantyhose are out the door?


pantyhose ,Stockings

Why is it that women don't wear pantyhose or Stockings anymore granted some can go without them but most should not


Can I wear open toed shoes and pantyhose?

Hi there I will be attending a wedding and wearing strappy open toed shoes. Is it ok to wear nylons? Thanks for your input:)


Is it true that you don't wear panties with pantyhose?

Hi im a 18 y/0 female and have a fashion question. Mom said that women wear pantyhose without underwear? Is that true and or safe? Also I want to wear strappy shoes with pantyhose is that ok?

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Poll, for women, do you hate wearing pantyhose?

This is just kinda for fun, but have you ever been required to wear pantyhose to work?
Pantyhose like them or hate them?

I personally think they are super comfortable, but I usually only wear them for a few hours, so if you disagree with me, please da...


Ladies is pantyhose really so bad?

Well heres the deal I have been told that pantyhose is worse than anything men have to wear. I know most women don't have to wear it for work anymore, but some still are. There was a story about it on ABC.

So I want to try it myself, so I would like t...


What kind of nylons/pantyhose do you like best?

OK so I am a little weird and I like to were pantyhose, or stockings it really doesn't matter, I am sort off torn whether to accept it or try to break with it because its weird.
Anyway for now I have decided to explore pantyhose some more.
So I am l...


What can I wear with this bandage skirt to make it less revealing (No leggings though)?

It's too hot for leggings. Would pantyhose or stockings work? It has two strips of fake-leather-ey like material on both sides of the hips and is really short.

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