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How to fix orange hair?

How to fix orange hair?


How do you fix orange hair recently dyed?

How do you fix orange hair recently dyed?


My hair turned orange, what do I do?

I dye my hair but turn a orange what color should I put to get off all the orange asap help me


How should I fix my hair if it turned a light orange color ?

I used a blonde hair color in my hair and it turned light orange instead of light blonde. How can I make it light blonde?


hair looks orange in light?

why does my dyed dark brown hair only look orange in light and dark brown in like regular lightingg??


Good toner shampoo to tone down orange

I bleached/dyed my hair and there's this orange tint, I was wondering what's a good shampoo to tone down the orange.
I dyed my hair Light golden copper chestnut.


What can I buy to remove the orange color from my hair?

What can I buy at the local store to remove the orange/brassy color from trying to use a home blonde hightlighing kit?


How can I get this orange out of my hair?

how can I get this orangeish blonde to a beautiful light blonde?
I got a half a head of foils yesterday and it looks terrible!

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How can I lighten my hair and not be orange?

I am naturally a dark blonde but I dyed my hair a dark red/brown but I have to keep dying it, now I want to go back to my natural color. How can I do this without my hair going a orange colour?


How can I remove the orange from bleached hair?

I bleached my hair one day then again 24 hours later. It is still slightly orange. Can a blue or violet toner remove the remaining orange. How long should I wait to do this?


How do you make Orange hair brown?

My hair was black dyed for 6months. I bleached it twice, now have Orange and Yellow hair and want to go with a modern Dark Red or light brown. How do I do it inexpensively, quickly and without going bald?


How do I keep the shampoo smell in my hair?

All my friends have awesome smelling hair. it retains the smell of shampoo really well. but mine doesnt. it just smells...weird. not good not bad just no smell at all. I use herbal essences every night and it smells really good until like the next...


How you grow pubic hair?

How you grow pubic hair?


How to shave my pubic hair

How can I shave my pubic hair

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How to remove pubic hair?

How to remove pubic hair?


Lipstick, getting it out of hair?

How do you get lipstick out of hair?

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How can I minimize the orange in my bleached hair?

I have been thinking of coloring my hair blonde. It has been blonde twice before in the past. I made a spur of the moment decision to go a head and bleach it...and now its bright orange! I realize that dramatically lightening dark hair can be a very gr...


Color treated hair turned copper orange

How can I take the copper tone orange out of my hair. I used l'oreal nb10 natural blonde on my strawberry blonde hair and it is most definantly a copper tone orange. I went to the salon and she highlighted it then colored it a darker color and then hi...


What does an infected ingrown hair pubic hair look like?

What does an infected ingrown hair pubic hair look like?


Blonde hair has turned orange!

Hi all, I have very dark brown hair and I have wanted it proper blonde 4 ages I have dyed it blonde well tried but it has turned ginger/orange. please help and dont say go 2 a hairdressers as I cant afford it thanks x

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How can I fix orange hair?

My hair was dyed black/brown. I wanted to go back blonde so I bought bleaching kits and bleached my hair 3 times. the first time I accidently bleached my roots first and but didn't bleach them at all the rest of the 3 times. my hair turned red and...


Orange hair

Ahhh stupid me, I know, but I bleached my hair cause well I dont trust hair dressers anymore, for many reasons lol, but my hair is orange...what can I put in it that will actually shampoos or anything like that, I just want it a dark...


How do you tone down red hair color?

How do you tone down red hair color?


Can I highlight my hair right after dying it?

Can I highlight my hair right after dying it?


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