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Numbing cream lip piercing

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Does numbing cream work before a belly piercing?

does numming cream work?

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does Claire's do lip piercing?

does Claire's do lip piercing?

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Which is more painful, lip or nose piercing?

most painful, lip or nose?


Can I put an earring as a lip piercing?

Because I cant get a real lip piercing until fridayy

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How much would a decent lip piercing cost ?

I would like to know about how much a good lip piercing should cost in the USA.


Piercing: numbing?

is it good to numb your lip before getting it pierced?
can you name some numbing gel that I could possibly get at a pharmacy like boots?


What hurts more, lip or belly piercing?

I've had my lip pierced and I want to peirce my belly. But, (this is a question for people who have had lip piercings and belly), what would you say hurts more?


Lip piercing cost and how bad is the pain?

I want one like this.

how much does it usually cost
and how bad is the pain???


why non alcohol mouthwash to clean lip piercings?

why do I have to use non alcohol mouthwash to clean my lip piercing? because I've been using mouthwash that isnt non alcohol and it doesnt burn or anything

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Symptoms of lip piercing infection?

my lip starts to get big?





Why is there a bump inside my lip around my lip piercing?

I got my lip pierced a week ago and I clean it as directed. Now I noticed a bump formed around my piercing inside my mouth. It doesn't hurt but its kinda hard. I was just wondering if this normal?


How bad does a lip piercing hurt?

How bad does a lip piercing hurt? Like I have two tattoos and I have my ears, nose, tongue and belly button done. If I can handle all that can I handle the lip?


Do they numb your belly button before they pierce it?

I want to get my belly button periced but I dont know if it hurts, I know someone that numbed it somehow first but I dont know what she used..any suggestions


What do you do about an infected lip piercing?

Ok, I want to get my lip pierced (please don't tell me about the risks I already know.) and I was just wonder, if it ends up getting infected is there a way to fix it and still keep the piercing in? How bad does it hurt and what will happen?


Numbing before piercing

Shall I numb myself before I go get my self pierced? I dont want to feel the pain, the pain is the only thing Thats Stopping me from geting my lip and tongue done I have a Fear of needles. Im not bothered about the swelling or the after bit its just th...


How much do lip piercings hurt?

I Want to get a Snake Biitee in my lipp.. or just a normale peicieng but im afraid thts it going to hurt..
does it hurt?
will they numb it?
how much will it roughtly ccost?
do you have tu b 18?

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Lip piercing has a little puss

it has a tiny bit of puss in it, how do I make it go away? my friend brittney's boyfriend had puss after he got his done. he squeezed it out everyday and they are healed up. (they have snake bites) what should I do? my lip doesnt hurt at all.

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Can you hide a lip piercing / snake bites?

I want to get snake bites cause my Girlfriend finds them to be rather attractive and other reasons. Though I have to be a more professional person for my career and such I was wondering if it is possible to have your lip pierced such that it doesn't s...


What ear is the straight ear to pierce?

What ear is the straight ear to pierce?


Lip piercing getting stuck in my lip.

I got my lip pierced four days ago and its pretty healthy. It hasn't swelled much at all and I clean it regularly enough, but it gets stuck inside my lip sometimes.

I have a stud, obviously, and it will slide into my lip when I'm sleeping, and I c...


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