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Nipple piercing swelling

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Nipple piercings on small breasts?

Nipple piercings on small breasts?

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nipple piercings

I am currently thinking over the possibilty of getting a nipple piercings. I was just wondering what are all fo the side affects and dangers of ahving this done?


Do nipple piercings hurt and what are the dangers?

Does getting your nipplle pierced hurt and what are the dangers like could your nipple fall off like im serious and someone with experience please tell mee

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Tragus piercing swelling?

I recentyl got my tragus done in blue banana in brimingham and im really worried, its sowllen up and its a bit crusty..what should I do?:/


What ear is the straight ear to pierce?

What ear is the straight ear to pierce?


does Claire's do lip piercing?

does Claire's do lip piercing?

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Nipple piercing peeling?

I just got my two nipples pierced, didn't hurt as much because the piercer froze the nipples beforehand, but I am now noticing that my nipples themself are starting to peel, no not the sin around the metal, the actual nipple is peeling. now I am thinki...


Which is more painful, lip or nose piercing?

most painful, lip or nose?


Infected Monroe piercing how to reduce the swelling?

Okay, so I had my monroe pierced about a week ago. And it's red around on my face and it's hard and it's kinda swollen. I've been washing my mouth out with mouthwash with no alcohol about 3 times a day,and washing around the area on my face with anti-b...


How can I make the swelling around my lip piercing go down?

I got my lip pierced last week and my piercer, John, put in a longer stud because naturally, your lip swells after getting it pierced. I have to go back tomorrow so he can switch the jewelry to a shorter stud.

The swelling has gone down about 90%, bu...


Is a cartilage piercing the same gauge size as a normal ear lobe piercing?

Does the helix cartilage piercing have gauge sizes or is it the standard size like a regular ear lobe piercing?


which ear does a boy pierce his ear the right or left???

I am confused on it!!!which ear does a boy pierce his ear the left or right???


What can I do to help my newly pierced toung from hurting?

What can I do to help my newly pierced toung from hurting? And when will it stop.


How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced?

How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced?


Can I take a bath after I got my belly button pierced?

can I take a bath?

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Does numbing cream work before a belly piercing?

does numming cream work?

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Is eyebrow piercing painful?

does eyebrow piercing hurts? because, my friends said that eyebrow piercing hurts more then your lips. does it?


Legal age for tragus piercing?

Whats the legal age in va to get your tragus pierced??

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What should a 13 year old get pierced?

Should I get my eyebrow or my tongue?

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Is a Monroe piercing supposed to bruise?

is it supposed to bruise and be red After the first day?


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