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Is nair good to shave your vagina with?

Is nair good to shave the vagina with

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How do guys like hair down there?

how do guys like girl vagina hair to be?

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Why do guys wear girls' panties to bed sometimes?

why do guys wear girls panties to bed sometimes

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What do guys prefer? Innies or outies?

Just a random question I have always been curious about. Do guys prefer innies or outies (vagina) on a chick? And why?

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What do girls like pierced on a guy?

im thinkin bout getting som piercings an I want to no what girls like?

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What do guys think of girls with braces?

what do guys think of girls with braces? im gettin braces in feb 1st and wounder what this boy I reallylike will think.

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What do girls prefer? a guy with a good looking body or face?

Girls- would you rather have a guy that has a average looking face with a great body, or a great looking face with a okay body.

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Should guys shave their pubic hair?

im a male and I was wondering if I should shave my pubes. I know I should do what I want, but I was just wondering what all of you girls think out there

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Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?

is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it??

does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?


Do guys like it when girls shave their pubic hair?


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Why or Is a hairy vagina a turn off 4 guys?

I was wondering because even im uncomfortable with it...what do you think. I mean I shave it but its still gross

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How can a guy get hair waves fast?

hey everyone. now, I've been brushing my hair to get waves, but it isnt working too well does anyone know how to get waves better, and faster?


Why do guys like thongs on their girl?

So my boyfriend wants me to get a thong. I'm more a booty shorts kinda girl but no real issue with thongs.
I was just wondering if all guys just really like thongs on their girl? Could you explain why you do or don't prefer them better?

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Guys, do you like shaved or trimmed vaginas?

do you boys or girls like girls to have a shaved vagina or no you mind havin a bit of hair or like trimmed.
need to know for ma boyfriend lol, what do you think guys ;) x

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Will putting Nair in shampoo make someone bald?

I've heard that if you put NARE in someone's shampoo, they will lose their hair. Is this true? Have you done it? I thought it would sting or smell bad or something.


Nair - Hair Removing Cream on pubic hair?


I went through the website of Nair and its written that it should be applied on genitals !

now as I asked in my earlier questions, I want to remove the pubic hair from my private parts so is it advicable to use the hair removing cream like Nair ?...


Do girls like guys with blue eyes?

Ok so I have blue eyes and im a guy, but anyways I dont really think that they're special or anything but every girl I meet says the my eyes are "pretty" or "beautiful" and I dont understand why, so do girls just like guys with blue eyes or could it be...


Will Nair irritate my pubic hair area?

I need another way to get rid of pubic hair because shaving it makes it break out in lil red dots so would Nair work on it? Shaving leaves some still there anyways because I don't have good razors and my mom wont get me any more.


Black Girls Have The Prettiest Feet?

Do other guys agree with me that [ Black Girls Have The Pretty-est Feet !!!

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I have a little extra fat on my vag

I have a little extra fat on my vag, is this normal ? what will guys say? how do I get rid of it

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Piercings Symbolism

what are some meanings of piercings.
like earlobe piercings on right side of a male symbolizes being gay.
[I dont just want guys meanings]

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Can I pierce my ears with a thumb tack?

I was wandering if I pierce my ear with ice,achol and a thumb tac
is it ok?I actually did it already but I was wandering of all you guys out there
your opinions?


How long will it take to grow hair to my butt?

How long do you think it will take for my hair to grow to the lower part of my butt? Im goiing to include a pic of how I look now with my hair. Im the guy in the red shirt.

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Does drinking a lot of soy milk really make your boobs grow?

Does drinking a lot of soy milk really make your boobs grow?? because I know there is like a lot of hormonal stuff in it and thats why tis not always good for guys

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What side should I get my ear pierced on?

heyy peeps
I was thinking about getting my ear pierced
but I NEED to no which side to get pierced
because I've heard if I get the rong side pierced it wud mean im gay
so it wud mean a lot if you guys cud help me out here

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