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Nipple piercings on small breasts?

Nipple piercings on small breasts?

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Which is more painful, lip or nose piercing?

most painful, lip or nose?


Can I make my nose smaller without surgery?

How do I get my nose to be smaller without surgery?


How soon before I can change my nose ring?

I got my nose pierced on febuary 29th when will I be able to change the nose ring.


How do you get rid of a pig nose?

I have a really upturned pigs nose, so bad that people can see up my nostrils just by looking at me...what can I do?


iz 32b too small bra size 4 a 13yr old?

question says all..

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Can you get a nose piercing if you have blackheads?

Does Anyone know if you can get your nose pierced when you have blackheads? I have tiny ones but I don't want to get it done and it cause infection...


Big nose if you have one how do you feel about it?

what do you think if you see some 1 with a big nose.. or a little bump in it? isit a turn off?

or does any 1 have a big nose their selfs and how do you feel about it?


How to get rid of a pointy nose?

I have a pointy nose and I want the end to be rounder without plastic surgery,,what can I do to make it round?

Thanks =]


34 b is that a small boob size for a fifteen year old?

is that a small boob size for a fifteen year old? a 34 B
my boyfriend said my boobs are big, but I think hes lying.
is it big, or small?

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what to do I m 19 and I have small breast what to do to increase them?

I m 19 going to turn 20 in few months I have very small breast what should I do to increase them and I m even short and skinny please tell me what to do

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Nose piercing migrating?

Ok my friend told me that my nose piercing will migate and move farther down my nostril...will it actually or is she telling me something totally false?


Looking for best alternative for nose job?

How to make nose smaller without getting nose surgery? Is there is any effective way other than surgery which can make my nose permanently small and attractive?I am very fed up with my ugly nose and afraid of getting any surgery.So please recommend me ...


How long does it take for a nose piercing to stop hurting

I want to change my stud for a fing. But at the moment its still sore. When will it stop hurting when I move it ect???


How to get rid of bump in my nose without surgery or botox?

I have a big, ugly, crooked nose. it makes me so ugly! and I hate it! how do I fix it?!?!?! without surgery or injection?!?!?!
I have zero confidence thanks to this ugly sniffer so please help me be pretty and not ugly cause of my ugly nose


Monroe piercing started developing a small bump right on it?

I got my monroe piercing like 2 months ago and I started developing a small bump right on my piercing outside of it. Looks weird almost like a new pimple. Does anyone know what it is? And do I need to take the piercing out


How badly do nose piercings hurt?

I really would like to get my nose pierced, but I want to know how much pain to expect. I have a medium to low tolerance for pain. Any replies concerning nose piercing (stories, advice, etc) would be great appriciated!


Clear Nose Retainer

I have finally decided to get a nose piercing to wear a tiny diamond stud. However, I work in a very professional environment and I am going to get the initial piercing with a clear retainer. Does anyone have any pictures of themselves with a clear r...


Can I change my nose ring?

I got my nose pierced about a month ago and want to change my nose ring into a stud. I noticed that the original nose ring I got pierced with is thicker than the stud I bought... The stud I bought has a ball at the end. Is it okay to change ...


What this white skin around my nose piercing?

I got my nose pierced a month ago and I noticed a few inches where the hole of the piercing is, theres like white skin and its painful when I touch it. When I press down on my nose stud it doesn't hurt but it only hurts when I touch the white skin.



How bad does a nose piercing hurt?

I really want to get my nose pierced, but im kind of scared. I just want a cute little stud, I dont want anything big. I had my bellybutton pierced and that didnt hurt me at all, but after almost a year it got infected and I dont have it anymore. how b...


Nose or industrial piercing?

Hi, I have a really low pain tolerance and I want to get a piercing. I am considering a nose or industrial piercing and I want some advice about the pain, healing, etc. I'm one of those people where I shake and hyperventilate whenever I am about to g...


What would happen if we had no nose hairs?

Just curious.

Imagine walking around with a constantly runny nose.

(disclaimer: I have just recently overdosed on caffeine and indulged in several pixie sticks. I will not be held resposible for any questions I ask or answer in the ne...


What will happen when I get my nose done?

Im getting my nose pierced soon, and I've always wondered if some of these rumours are as true as they seem. If the needle hits a nerve:

#1 Will the whole side of my face become paralysed?

#2 If it does hit a nerve, then if I take out the nose stud, ...


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